What they said then – John Key

At the time of John Boscawen’s EFB protest marches, John Key, as Leader of the Opposition at the time, did not attend a march, however he did send John a message to be read out to the protesters. In that message he said, with regard to the Electoral Finance Bill;

Labour is not listening. National is.
Today, I give you this assurance. If I have the privilege to be the next Prime Minister I will overturn this law. I will set about building a proper political consensus for fair changes to our election rules. I will listen to what people like you, and many thousands of others are saying.
You are fighting for a principle.
You are fighting for THE most important principle.
You are fighting for democracy.
I salute you
John Key

I was there when John Boscawen read out that message, and more importantly, I put it on Youtube.

Well John? What happened to your principles? Did you drop them along the way as you were fighting for democracy?

Why has John Key allowed Simon Power to sell out National and the thousands who marched for our freedom of speech and democracy?

Sure National repealed the law but they have effectively re-instated it. they have protected the hegemony of politician to pretend to speak for us and spend our money telling us what they think, yet prevent us telling them how we think.

What is even more ridiculous is the spending limits they have decided upon for standing for parliament. In the recent local body elections people were able to spend up to $40,000 to secure a ward councillor position. Yet Simon Power and his Labour party pals think that $25,000 should be the limit for an individual to spend trying to secure an electorate seat. Why the difference…are council seats more important that seats for members of parliament.

Yet another example of the paucity of Simon Power‘s intellectual abilities.

John Key - Enemy of Freedom of Speech

John Key - Enemy of Freedom of Speech


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