What they said then – John Key

In 2007 Labour rammed through their anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act. At the third reading of the bill John Key had this to say;

Let me say this to the people of New Zealand who are engaged in this debate and who are interested: National will repeal this legislation. We will go back to basics. We will go back to the way it was. We will ask independent people to go out there and come up with electoral law. You see, electoral law is not owned by the Labour Party for the benefit of the Labour Party. Electoral law is owned by the people of New Zealand so that we can have a democracy.

This is a sad day for New Zealand. It is the day the Labour Party admitted publicly, and through legislation, that it cannot win unless it changes the law. That is what happened today. National will repeal the law. We will go back to a bipartisan basis where independent people will come up with some recommendations. I say this, and this alone: history will mark this day. This is the day when Helen Clark arrogantly inflicted anti-democratic legislation upon the people of New Zealand, and when the collective voters of New Zealand know once and for all that it is time for a change.

It seems John Key has forgotten those promises made int he heat of the debate and has let Simon “FIGJAM” Power ride roughshod over the people of New Zealand in coming up with his own version of “anti-democratic legislation”.

This is the first of a series of posts that will highlight the hypocrisy of National abandoning their supporters for a politically expedient back-room deal with Labour orchestrated by FIGJAM.


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