Who is funding the National Standards boycott?

With all the money being spent by the NZ?Principals?Federation?(the?principals?union) hiring expensive PR firms, setting up expensive websites and mounting the campaign and the all the media liasion you would like to know exactly where that money is coming from wouldn’t you.

Well thanks to The Whaleoil tipline we do now. It is coming from the taxpayer via the various Prinicpals Associations which are funded by the Boards of Trustees and ultimately the government.

Documents obtained via the tipline show that;

Canterbury Primary Principals?Association?- donated $30,000

Southland Primary?Principals?Association?- donated $1,000

Manawatu Primary Prinicpals Asociation – donated $10,000

Undisclosed donations from the Catholic Primary?Principals?Association, the Whanganui Regional Primary Prinicpals Association and the Wellington Regional Primary?Principals?Association.

I’m also informed that $60,000 was donated by the Auckland Primary?Principals?Association.

The NZPF NZPF claims individual members are funding this from their own pockets. These documents show otherwise.

The School Trustees Association ?has already sent a message to boards saying that schools should not be contributing to this. You might not be aware but ?as part of the collective agreement for Prinicpals, schools fund the principal’s membership of the NZPF and local Principals Associations.

These?Principals?Associations?are essentially taking money from the schools, provided by the government and using it to hire expensive PR spin doctors and mount a campaign against a legal requirement.

When the NZPF say that they are funding their campaign out of their own pockets they are demonstrably lying. Parents should be demanding that their Boards prove that they are not funding this campaign and diverting key resources from their children into a union managed campaign against government policy.

I note too that there is a list of sponsors of the NZPF, ironically ranked by how much they have given, a standard in effect. These organisations can now safely be branded as supporting the illegal action to boycott National Standards and themselves should be boycotted by parents who think that the?principals?should stick to running schools instead of mounting political campaigns.

I wonder how much of the sponsors money has also been used to fund political action against legitimate government policy?

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