Who is Labour's real leader?

After yesterday blogging here about the 17 Labour MP Defectors finally being revealed in parliament on Tuesday it was confirmed by Chris Carter that Trevor Mallard is one of his “17 Friends”.

Perhaps we should call them the “Secret 17″…or…”Secret 16 plus Trevor”

Now Labour will try and say that no one should believe Chris Carter, but that is what they said about his list of 17 people that were ready to topple Goff.

And I am sure that Chris Carter will now try and fob it off as a joke. But we all know the old saying “Many a true word is spoken in jest”.

Phil Goff is starting to lose total control of his MPs. His grip on the leadership is only for show now. Someone else is doing all they can to undermine him. Goff can’t even get his own stories straight or keep his own MPs in line.

Just the other day on Breakfast he was back peddling from statements that his MP’s (and himself) had said when they tried to say the Grapevine disease was due to the “cuts” in staff at MAF that National made.

It is time that Goff fell on his sword before he looks like a total jack-ass.


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  • abjv

    So 25 to 17 at present (41 MPs plus Labour Prez who is an ex-officio member of the caucus and a vacancy in Mana).

    Trevor is running Forrest’s campaign in Mana. Forrest is Phil’s pick.


    Is it possible to run a campaign in Mana that badly that you lose, and conicidentally stop it going up to 26 to 17?