Why isn't the Principal running the school instead of organising political action

I have been leaked emails showing the co-ordination and organisation internally of the so called Board of Trustees revolt. What is apparent is that this isn’t an action being orchestrated by Boards, it is instead being run by the NZEI and the unionised principals. The Boards seem not to have been informed let alone the parents of the schools named in the revolt.

Here are two emails from Perry Rush, Prinicpal of Island Bay School. The first email makes it clear that Board Chairs may well have not been fully informed, or informed at all about the pending action.

Email from Perry Rush coordinating action against Government policy

The second shows how they are continuing to agitate. You can see from the times of email that this is being done from Education Ministry provided resources. Instead of running his school he is organising a revolt against an elected government’s policy.

The second email shows just how shallow their arguments are and also why teachers such as Perry Rush are scared of national standards when they themselves can hardly spell simple words like “next”.

Email from Perry Rush coordinating action against Government policy

Feedback I am getting from parents is that they weren’t consulted and they feel bullied by the NZEI and Principals who are engaging in political action against policy that the government was specifically elected to introduce.

The Principals involved in this would be better off trying to get their schools running properly rather than organising union action against government policy.

As we have seen with The Hobbit, unions will stop at nothing and tell as many lies as they can get away with in order to push their, and Labour’s agenda.

One wonders how closely Perry Rush has been consulting with Trevor Mallard over all this.


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  • orange

    But it does strangely remind me of when NCEA came in. We had 60 teachers given an example of work and asked to use the supplied marking matrix thingymibob to work out if it was NA, A, M, or E. It ended up being a pretty even split between all four categories, ie. pretty random. I don’t know much about this latest hooha but it sounds like it all comes down to moderation. If that’s not sorted before it’s rolled out it would be the same shooting apples in the bucket malarky.

    I reckon common tests across the nation with simple results expressed as % would be far better. And drop the NCEA bs.

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  • Nice scalp WO

  • Doug

    This campaign just has to be political go read the Standard and it will prove the point