Beware the Tizard Effect

Labour faces a dilemma today. They have to select a replacement for Chris Carter in Te Atatu and they have to also run the risk of triggering the “Tizard Effect”.

Chris Carter has said he will trigger a by-election if anyone other than Labour’s spokeman for the homeless, Phil Twyford, gets the nomination, but he also lets Labour know that even if they elect Twyford that the Tizard effect is in play still.

Mr Carter said he did not know what his political future held and he might leave politics before the election if a good job came along – forcing an unwelcome byelection for Labour.

So Chris Carter is saying that if a better job comes along than sitting in parliament in the naughty chair then he will be off and force a by-election. If Phil Twyford wins that by-election then Judith Tizard will make a triumphant return to parliament.

Actually there are a couple of scenarios for the Tizard Effect to kick in. Apart from Twyford, Rajen Prasad is also seeking the nomination and Chris Carter will resign and force a by-election if he gets selected.

If somehow a by-election in Te Atatu isn’t held we still have an exciting prospect to look forward to.

Mr Carter is writing a book about the previous Labour Government, which he hopes to finish by March.

Oh I can’t wait.


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  • gaskranken

    `If Phil Twyford wins that by-election then Judith Tizard will make a tri­umphant return to parliament.’

    Sorry, how does that work? I thought if filly won, filly goes to Wellington. How the hell does big judy cobwebs get back in?

    • In effect Phil Twyford resigns from Parliament if he wins a by-election and comes back as the new Te Atatu MP. So the next candidate on the list gets invited back to Parliament – and that person is Judith Tizard.

  • thor42

    Sigh….. Can’t someone arrange for Chris Carter to get tyre-tracks up his back?
    *Truck*-tyre tracks, preferably……
    I’m **sick and tired** of hearing Carter squealing that “I’ll do this, I’ll do that…”.
    Just get the F**K out of Parliament, Carter.

  • cadwallader

    What would constitute “a good job” for Mincing Chris?
    As he is so familiar with air-travel a cleaning job at the Koru Club? A trolley-dolly on long haul flights?
    Come-on Air New Zealand, surely there’s a role for a general bitch in the organization?
    He must have a uniform to excite Charlie Shovel as he embarks on one of his frequent jaunts. I can hear the giggling already as Chris tops-up Charlie’s cocktails at 35,000 feet, not to mention the utter joy for Chris as he tends to all the needs of Dear Leader high above the Pacific on a flight here from the UN, nor serving those beefy rugby players due here for the RWC.