Helen Clark says she was bullied by US envoys.

Oh come on, is this face of some who looks like she could be bullied?

Bully this? Yeah right

Bully this? Yeah right

Helen Clark is acting like a big sook and squealing like someone upset that her dirty little secrets have been revealed. She should just STFU and go tramping or whatever the hell she is going to do while here. Wikileaks is revealing Labour’s dirty laundry and boy are they upset by it all.

On the plus side every time she opens her gob right now she is putting Kiwis off their Christmas dinners and curdling mothers milk and reminding people just exactly why it was that they tossed labour from the government benches.

To quote Helen Clark when she was confronted with her own bullying in parliament, by John Key… “Diddums”


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  • “They don’t like it up them! No, they do not like it up them!”

  • reid

    Yes there are very few people about whom you could honestly say they never added a single skerrick of value throughout their entire miserable existence on this planet but she’s one of them and she’s not even dead yet, unfortunately.

  • animalmother

    What a pretty wee thing.

    The phrase ” a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp” comes to mind.

  • scanner

    What a face, how could someone with a head like that claim to be have been bullied.
    If my dog looked like that I would shave the hair off it’s arse and walk it backwards.

    • paraparambigot

      Jeez, Scanner, that’s made our Christmas. I just read your post out and I think Grannie peed herself!!! There was cake and pussing allover the floor from people laughing. Thanks, mate!!!

      • paraparambigot


  • whalewatcher

    “it’s not my fault…”

    the great socialist’s catch-cry
    No personal responsibility
    And not a lot of diplomacy at the moment, either.
    Great appointee to the UN

  • paulus12

    Diddums – poor billious bitch.

    I assume she has returned to try and bolster her protege – Filly Goofy – she chose him as her puppet aand has to renew the strings as they have broken, or really never worked.

    She would be better to stop digging – the hole is getting deeper – and get back to the country she still hates.

  • jamegumb

    …and yet I still see some resemblance here to the Moaner Lisa.

  • tooright

    Predicatable. Clark (and her other Labour mates) is the only person worldwide to suggest the wikileaks material is fabricated – everyone else has shrugged and used her terminology – “nothing to see here, move on” .

    • mediatart

      Not so, the former chief of Defence Force has said there was NEVER any meetings where the Fonterra issue was raised.
      The US emabassy with its wide group of informers was, predictably, being fed bullshit which they passed on.
      But of course, Key WAS kowtowing to the Chinese early on , throwing the Dalai Lama under the bus.
      Just imagine how much of a push over he was with the shiny pants from Warners.
      Barbra ( and Helen) would have had them licking HER shoes

  • johnboy

    Still. If you were in a small tent on the north face of K2 with Helen Clark and Chris Carter and freezing to death.
    Your only hope of survival was to share body heat with another and there was only room in a sleeping bag for two not three.
    Who would you pick? :)

    • Blondie

      I’d pick Carter.

      But I’m female.

    • spiker

      There are plenty of other corpses up there with more body heat than those two to choose from.

      • paraparambigot

        Blondie, your reply make no sense on any level at all!

        • Blondie

          Duh…. obviously, I’d be completely safe sharing a sleeping bag with Carter since he’d have no sexual interest in me whatsoever.

          Actually, come to think of it, the same might apply to Clark…. can’t imagine her wanting to make love to a woman any more than she would her husband.

          I’d still rather Carter.

  • jamegumb

    actually, I think you’d even see a sherpa tensing

  • statlerandwaldorf

    “Who would you pick? ”

    Klark is ruled out instantly. She is too cold-blooded to produce any worthwhile body heat. And Karter is such a disgusting sexual hedonist he’d probably be depraved enough to even want me to do things with his dick. So that rules him out too.

    So it looks like hypothermia and eventual death then.

  • chiefsfan73

    “On the plus side every time she opens her gob right now she is putting Kiwis off their Christ­mas din ners and cur dling moth ers milk and remind ing peo ple just exactly why it was that they tossed labour from the gov ern ment benches.”

    Bang on. It’s a Xmas gift for the govt to have the sour faced ghost of corruption past here to remind us.