End their subsidies

If the NZSO was any good they wouldn?t need a subsidy. They would be able to charge enough from ticket sales to fund their operation. They cant, and they shouldn?t keep sticking their hand out. They are not a hungry oliver twist asking for more, they are a luxury this country can ill afford in tough times.

Going on last years figures, every time some liberal elite wanker went to the NZSO it cost the tax payers a little over $162. That?s if the total of 82,442 did not include the huge numbers of freebies they usually give away to politicians and other troughers. The highest ticket price of $145 did not even cover the cost of the show.

Dominion Post classical music reviewer John Button said the orchestra was playing better now than at any time in its history. Any change that would curtail its ability to perform or tour would be silly, he said. “It’s part of the national PR image of the country.”

This is total bullshit. It is a myth created by liberal elite fuckwits, and needs to be challenged. They need to prove this not hide behind slogans.

A few judicious OIA requests asking where the research is saying that NZs PR image requires a symphony orchestra should bust this particular.

Last year the NZSO said any cut in musician numbers or salary cuts would mean it would lose its most talented players.

Really? In the middle of a global recession? When the world has an over supply of musicians but an undersupply of money? If we were to cut the salaries of the symphony ochestra staff by 30% how many of them would be able to get a better job overseas?

Let market forces determine whether New Zealand has a symphony orchestra. Stop the subsidies now.

In fact ditch the whole lot, or make them play wearing piggy noses. I doubt?you’d?get thousands marching in the streets in support if symphony music. And while I am on the warpath would some liberal elite wanker please explain why it is that we have the NZSO getting public money anyway, who decided we needed such a thing, and who decided we needed a Concert Programme on our wireless, paid for by the taxpayer so the same liberal elite wankers can listen to something in their Toyota Prius.