Gayer that Fossy's gay ute

This is wrong. Male mps are not supposed to have a love bug as a car and two doors makes it difficult getting in behind the driver when Lord Burns descends from his country seat in Marlborough.

It certainly is gayer than Fossy’s gay ute. It could have been worse, I suppose, it could have been an evenĀ gayer Toyota Prius.

Brendan Burn's gay VW Beetle

Gayer than Craig Foss's gay ute?


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  • mattyman

    Parliament has reached a new low. Shouldn’t there be laws against crimes like this? I feel embarrassed for him.

    • animalmother

      I must disagree. Gimp-mobiles such as this befit people of the stature of our beloved mp’s. In fact, the only more suitable transportation would be those little peddle-cars that circus clowns use.

      • animalmother

        D’Oh. I mean pedal. (that’ll be the caffeine).

  • peterwn

    He should at least have used the real thing as Stephen Franks used during his Wellington Central campaign in 2008 and his one was more ancient than the usual ‘traditional’ Beetle.

  • stuartsburgers

    But which one is it the Number One or the Number Two Burn’s Bettle

  • The only way he could appear gayer would be having sex with another male at high noon in Cathedral Square. I don’t reckon that even Chris Carter could top this.

  • gaskranken

    You watch Grunty Robert’s son is going to want a matching pair for Wellington Central cos Chrissie reckons you can suck a lot of cock when you have one of these:)

  • cadwallader

    A cockroach in a beetle. I have now seen everything.

    Speaking of the “Village of the Damned” Whale’s post of 8th September, “Jim’s Campaign Is Rooted” is recalled, given that a snivelling pen-pusher at ECan is rubbishing Mayor Parker’s persona at the time of the quake. I wonder whether the omnipotence of the Whale’s sources can open some oxygen on this filth. I suspect Jim Il-Sung to be instrumental.

  • kram

    Get a Dodge!

  • mediatart

    How quickly you lot forget- nothing , I repeat nothing was gayer than Hides Smart two seater- before lost weight, with graphics of his face like it looked during his previous marriage
    My Smart Car features on Eating Media Lunch this Tuesday, TV2, at 10pm.
    I drove the Hide Mobile right into the studio.
    Here we are with Newsboy aka Jeremy Wells trying nonchalantly to stuff a tennis ball down my gob.

    Bring back ‘Dont ask dont tell’