Now this is irony

Excuse me while I just stop my side splitting at this headline and vow from Labour.

Labour's mirth inducing promise

Labour should be mocked mercilessly for such a taudry attempt at politicking. The country wouldn’t be in the position it is in if they hadn’t rammed through the original Foreshore and Seabed law. Now, petulantly they are attempting to re-write history and claim that they care.

Personally I think National have botched the law, they should have just repealed Labour’s theft of property rights and put things back where they were before Labour?panicked.

I well remember a debate in Gisborne, that Farrar and I attended on the Blogmobile tour, between Parekura Horomia and Derek Fox. Derek Fox stated that all that Maori wanted was the right to go to court. That was exactly what labour took away from Maori. It should be re-instated and left at that.

Tariana Turia succintly explains that which Labour and Phil Goff fail to understand.

“I would say they’ve (Labour) been watching all the representations that have come to the committee, they think that every Maori in the country is against it, but what they don’t realise is there’s not one Maori in the country that’s forgotten what they did.”

Labour by vowing to repeal the repeal just look stupid. I wonder when Phil Goff will start listening to The Whale and start simply asking voters “Are things are any better under National?”. Until he does he is going to keep looking stupid.