One more sup at the trough

Chris Carter is a slow learner, in fact he has entitlitis so bad that it is now addling his brain. He has been caught trying to sup from the trough one last time before exiting.

homo-troughicis, Chris CarterIndependent MP Chris Carter has had to cancel his Christmas holiday after 3 News learned he had been planning to have it paid by the taxpayer.

Mr Carter and his partner managed to book an international holiday using the MPs’ travel perk right before Parliament’s Speaker, Lockwood Smith, banned MPs from taking private travel with public money.

Chris Carter’s partner Peter Kaiser arrived at Parliament this morning to help tidy up a few loose ends but he didn’t want to talk about a Christmas trip the pair had planned.

Mr Carter and Mr Kaiser were booked to leave Auckland on December 29, flying business class via Singapore to Colombo and Sri Lanka.

The estimated cost of their flights is $13,902 – 90 percent picked up by the taxpayer.

The pair were planning on holidaying with British MP Ben Bradshaw and his partner but an hour after 3 News confronted Mr Kaiser, Mr Carter sent a text saying the trip was cancelled and he wasn’t going to front.

Like rust, Pedro Gower never sleeps. At this time of year most repeaters and churnalists are busy chugging wine but not Pedro. He has hunted down Carter mercilessly and put the shiv in just before Christmas saving the taxpayer nearly $14,000 in the process.

But here is the thing. Chris Carter, just this year, took a trip to the UK to “observe” the elections. And where did he “observe” the elections? Well in Exeter of course, and who is the MP for Exeter? Why, its Ben Bradshaw his proposed holiday mate.

What an amazing coincidence? This blogger doesn’t believe in coincidences. Could there be more to this story than meets the eye?

As for Carter….it’s all someone elses fault yet again.

Independent MP Chris Carter is blaming the media for ruining his summer holiday after the itinerary for his taxpayer-subsidised trip to Sri Lanka was leaked.


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  • marybelle

    What a coincidence alright! Why on earth would elections need to be observed in the UK? How did that jaunt get signed off? I can just imagine the foursome holiday “mates” having jolly old time together in Colombo and Sri Lanka! Actually I don’t want to imagine. Good on you Patrick Gower.

    • grumpy


      Spelling mistake…. it wasn’t “elections” it was “erections”.

  • lulu

    When the trip was discovered I don’t understand why the only option was to cancel it and have a queenie fit. Can sombody explain why he didn’t just reach into his own pocket and pay the fares 100% himself? Would it kill him?

    • peterwn

      ‘Only option’ or ‘no option but’ is the sort of unctious claptrap one hears from bureaucrats or judges when they are about to say ‘no’ or even worse as a preface to throwing the book at you.

      It is like Mr Hotcin saying that he had no option but to ship that Mercedes and Porche to Queensland as rental car charges were killing him. Surely Queensland has its version of ‘El Cheapo Cars’ (if you are renting for more than a month or so a reasonable used car becomes a viable proposition).

  • mickrodge

    What shits me more is that, in a years time when this lying parasite gets punted into political oblivion he’ll be able to flitter around the globe at his whim with a 75% discount courtesy of you & me.

    And given his & Peter’s penchant for the finer things in life you just know they’ll be squeezing every last drop out of the public teat.

    Chris, it’s not because you’re gay…frankly that’s boring. It’s because you have this perverse sense of entitlement & it’s because you are a serial offender.

    You had a golden run under Aunty Helen but you need to stand on your own two feet instead of stomping them & throwing your tiara everytime you get caught out.

    Ask yourself why your karma seems to have changed!!!

  • grizz

    No problem for Carter to have a swingers party on the beaches of Sri Lanka, I would just ask that he pay for it himself as anyone else would be expected to do.

  • jamegumb

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aids of the party.

  • grumpy

    Ah, they joys of “hide the sausage” at exotic locations……

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  • arnold

    The boys of Sri Lanka thank you….

  • whalewatcher

    well, that’s a charming wee outfit

    looks like he’s gay… is that Hero parade, or usual beltway garb?