Pansy gone, by-election in Botany

Pansy Wong has announced her resignation from parliament effective 17 January.

This means there will be a by-election in Botany, probably late February. UPDATE: The by-election will be held March 5 2011.

National will need to select a new candidate for Botany and the front-runner would be Jami-Lee Ross, sitting councillor of the area, though I expect that Aaron Bhatnagar and Kit Parkinson will put their names in the hat. Neither of those two actually live in the electorate.

Jami-Lee has proven himself to be successful in the area having already won three elections, the most recent being elected as councillor for Howick ward which encompasses Botany electorate entirely.

UPDATE: Kit Parkinson has indicated that he will not be putting his name forward. Aaron Bhatnagar has confirmed his nomination.


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  • Ross should not put himself in a less powerful position than he is in now. I think becoming an MP would be a step backward for him.

    He is still young and has a marvelous opportunity over the next three years to put the knife in to Len Brown and make a name for himself. Why be a back bencher in Wellington when you could be Mayor of Auckland?

    Give Bhatty boy a go – it will give him a nice safe seat and save him the embarrassment of having to run against Rodney Hide.

    • mediatart

      Its Botany for John-boy.
      AS mayor he could last 3 years max – ask Banks
      While in Parliament he could be 20 years +
      Ask the other Councillor who gave up a glittering career for Wellington
      And look at the ex Ministers who become Mayor -afterwards.

      Its a no brainer, unless Melissa Lee wants to throw her ‘hat’ in . Then all bets are off……..hah hahahahh

  • Of course, he could double dip…

    • No he won’t because he knows I’ll bash him for double dipping.

  • Is Bontany a safe right seat?

    • michaels

      over 10000 from memory

  • Good riddance Pansy and i’d expect a visit from the fully armed po po looking to charge your ass for fraud !!!


    • spiker

      If we are going to have zero tolerance we should be able to look at the travel expenses of every MP & spouse going back say 15 years. I’m betting there would be a few empty seats in parliament, from all parties.

      • How about we just have ZERO FUCKING TOLREANCE going forward as part of Key’s higher standards he charges his ministers to aspire to and ditch the ZERO FUCKING ACCOUTABILITY when they get caught with their hand in the till and the TOKEN FUCKING GESTURES they get as punsihment ?

        • Wog…your shouting and intolerance is starting to piss me off. You are relatively new here so I’ll explain what that means.

          At some random point you will piss me off past the point of no return and I will switch your account off. No warnings, no demerits, i’ll just do it and that will be the end of it.

          I’ll also register your ip address as spam in my spam engine which will submit it and your email address to my spam black list.

          You are lucky I am even saying this much, take it as a handy hint, because i’m not the only one annoyed and I listen to my readers.

          • well thats one way of blocking out shit you don’t want to hear…

            so what is it that pisses you off about me…what i say ? how i say it ? how i wont tolerate the bullshit insults without firing back or how i won’t sit back and let the spin distract from whats really going down with this inept gov’t, their socially destructive policies and lack of vision ?

            …i’ll grab my coat shall i ?

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  • pentwig

    You really are a nasty person pollywog.
    Go and troll the strandred where your ilk are welcomed with open mits.

    • Truth is, you have no idea what type of person i am…

      …only what type of character pollywog is


      • pentwig


        When I read the diatribes you express I do know the type of person you are.

        You should rename yourself polypoid, it suits you so much better than a tadpole.

        • nah you don’t know shit about the type of person i am pentwig

          i wish i had your superior judgment to be able to ‘know’ a person by their on line persona though

  • abjv

    You do not need a by-election if the PM announces to parliament a general election will be held within 6 months. Here, that would be by 16 July (which is the last Saturday within the time window).

    Must be tempting to get the GE out of the way before RWC, and avoid the risk of the AB’s having another choke and all the gloom and despondancy that would follow.

    BUT… the last leader to go to a July election was Muldoon… And it would look like Pansy had caused this one. So I guess we’re in for another pointless by-election.

    • alwyn

      Actually I think the last election in July was the Clark government in 2002
      July 27 if my memory serves me.

      • abjv

        Yeah, you’re right. 2002 wasn’t as memorable however…

        I recall in 2002 we ended up with a minority government that refused to deal with Winston, and the opposition got completely creamed.

  • Bhatnagar has already confirmed his intention to contest the nomination

  • jmac

    Pollywog; (def): A collection of the worst attributes of left-wing political commentary, in one abusive online character. Online behaviour potentially influenced by J.Daniels.