The Right and Wrong of Fleeing Criminals

In today’s Herald there are two articles on criminals fleeing cops. One by a sensible person who cuts through the liberal clap-trap and by a liberal elite hand-wringer more intent on picking the pockets of ratepayers for his own personal theatre.

First up Eric Thompson’s article:?No happy ending for fleeing fools.

What a great incentive to stop when the police ask you, because if you don’t you might die as a result of your own stupidity.

Last weekend a number of people died, yet again, while trying to evade the police. All I can surmise, after so many self-imposed deaths while trying to evade a ticket or whatever, is those who flee must have a kangaroo loose in their top paddock.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m pleased these numpties who try and run end up dead before they hurt anyone else.

Refreshing clarity and honesty from Mr Thomspon.

Before anyone starts spitting tacks and banging on about the poor innocent passengers in the car that either get killed or maimed, they also need their collective heads read for getting into a stolen car.

Actions and consequences – it’s not hard to understand.

I am at a loss to understand what the liberal and politically correct hand-wringers are wailing and gnashing their teeth about. Especially the woman from Candor (Campaign Against Drugs on Roads) who sounded as mad as a sack full of cut snakes when she said something along the lines that the 500 or so incidents of police chasing felons was breaking down society and a waste of police resources.

Lol…is this guy channelling me?

She also said it wasn’t the police’s main job to catch people but to make society a safer place. Go figure that one out. How are you going to protect society if you don’t chase and catch the people that are threatening it?

Which is exactly what Judith Collins has to say on the matter.

As far as I’m concerned, Lieutenant Colonel R. J. Wiedemann summed it up perfectly when he said: “Political correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

But thank the good Lord there is still some common sense out there. I heard a broadcaster on the radio interviewing Justice Minister Judith Collins about the weekend’s deaths. He asked Collins what her explanation was for the 18 deaths this year, implying they were the fault of the police.

Her response was “that people were fleeing the police”. Excellent. Problem solved, don’t flee and you won’t die. Collins then went on to ask the broadcaster what the police should do: “Stand by and wave goodbye?”

As long as John Key keeps this woman in the justice seat, his party will get my vote.

Just one slight glitch…but perhaps maybe a Freudian slip, Judith Collins is the Police Minister, we can only wish that she was also the Justice Minister, though she does have to step in from time to time to show Simon Power how to do his job. It would be a whole easier for John Key just to get rid of Simon Power. I note that there are a whole lot of people who stay loyal to National because of?Judith?Collins, and they are?prepared?to say so, and not so many, in fact none wistfully hoping Simon Power stays in his job.

Speaking of “liberal and politically correct hand-wringers“, there is another article by Brian “Where’s my theatre?” Rudman of exactly that style. He whinges that death is too high a price for fleeing criminals to pay without laying the blame on their deaths at the feet of the fleeing criminal themselves. His typical panty-waist answer is for the cops to stand aside and wave politely as criminals go about their unlawful business.

The mob can be an ugly beast, especially when it’s stirred up by a professional rabble-rouser like police ayatollah, Judith Collins.

Fleeing motorists are criminals, she says. If they die, it’s their fault. “Let them crash and burn,” chant her talk-back and online devotees. For the National Party, Mrs Collins is taking the personal responsibility credo into uncharted territory.

If the maimed and dead motorists are the authors of their own misfortune, and serve them right for not stopping, then who next do we turn our backs on? The suicide victim; the errant pedestrian who gets collected by a bus in Ponsonby Rd or Manners Mall; the teenager who ignores the warning sign and leaps to his death at a favourite swimming hole?

Nice new description of Judith Collins…ayotollah…wonder if that will catch on? Probably not, most are happy with Crusher. To answer his questions though, No, Don’t jay-walk, yes, what a dick.

What Mrs Collins ignores when she labels as criminals every driver who fails to stop when signalled to by a police officer, is that the penalty for this offence is not the loss of an arm or a leg or life. The maximum fine under the Land Transport Act is $10,000, and under the Crimes Act $1000. But the courts usually impose a fine in the low hundreds.

The judges accept what Mrs Collins doesn’t – that this isn’t a capital offence.

And that is the problem with out so called justics system. Most judges are liberal, hand-wringing, panty-waists like Brian Rudman who would rather give a crim a hug than hard lag. Brian Rudman can be ignored because in his last two paragraphs of the article he ignores who is truly responsible and then jumps the shark and blames the death of stupid people on Judith Collins and the National cabinet.

Of course they made a stupid decision in not stopping, but the death, injury and widespread damage to property caused by the ensuing high-speed chase is surely an unacceptable price to pay.

In continuing to ignore the Goddard report, personal responsibility for the blood-letting lies firmly with Mrs Collins and her Cabinet colleagues.

The only people responsible for these deaths are the people/criminals who flee. If they didn’t the worst that would have happened to them would be the ticket for the behaviour that drew them to the attention of the constabulary. people like Brian Rudman really need to list their heads out the latest Opera Classics magazine and get into the real world.

Rudman says fleeing police is not a capital offence and it is right to let offenders off with a light, couple-of-hundred-bucks fine. Try telling that to the families of Norm Fitt and Dee Jordan.