Weasel Words from Dirty Rich Henry

Rich Henry is speaking…rubbish

Getfrank, our online magazine which originally started as a student’s idea has experienced rapid growth for four years since its launch. As with many online businesses the journey over the last few years has been an incredible learning experience with things changing on a daily basis.

As you may be aware, Getfrank has recently come under some scrutiny from the NZ Bloggers Union. We have always worked to maintain constructive, solid and positive relationships with our contributors who have provided us permission to publish their articles on Getfrank.

Getfrank greatly appreciates feedback from our contributors and readers of the magazine and as such, we are continually looking at how better we can work to provide content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.

To our many supporters and partners, can I express our heartfelt thanks for standing beside us on this journey.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch. We’re always here.


Richard Henry

[email protected]

The arrogance of the man. Pure marketing gooblydegook. If Rich Henry thinks making agreements three years ago and then ignoring the content providers and pocketing money when payments were due providers and thinking that is maintaining “constructive, solid and positive relationships” then he is very much deluded.

I had to contact Rich Henry, and when I did he basically told me to get stuffed tossing agreements made by his organisation out the window.

Since not a single bit of the content of his site is produced by him he essentially owes content providers around $60,000 for the past couple of years and ongoing residuals of $5,000 per month. Without the content providers content he wouldn’t have been able to say “content that our readership has come to expect and demand from Getfrank.”

Rich Henry and Get Frank plus their advertisers and ad booking agents and other business partners are thieves. They take content on false pretenses and they sell that same content to advertisers. Without the content they would have nothing to sell. They are stealing.

It seems that the NZ Bloggers Union will now have to get a little more serious with Rich Henry and Get Frank….perhaps even Shane Bradley. A little exposé into the related companies and their relationships to each other seems to be in order.


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  • jacqueline

    Ut Oh….This is about to get really interesting!

    What a dodgy prick he is!

  • oswaldbastable

    I think I may have gotten an email, but such requests I always consign to the ‘Bozo Bin’

    For the obvious reason…

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  • lulu

    Faaaaarck. What a duplicitous dick!
    That bullshit is pretty much license to go in hard and low WO.
    He hasn’t addressed the fundamental questions which means you are cleared to go after him. Good luck.

  • sdm

    So Invoice him. Then sue him.

  • funkdup

    Oh sweet irony. Some Dirty-Dick Henry supporter is obviously clicking the thumbs down on comments, wonder if they realise they’re giving you traffic. Sweet sweet irony.

  • No matter what I write, I always get at least one thumb down. I could say “Great to see the sun up, have a wonderful day everyone”, and someone down votes it.

    I’ve started to think of that person as very special to me. Who else would take the time to come and click a down vote on everything I write? Isn’t that just commitment? Isn’t it lovely?

    As (someone) once said: Love me, hate me, but don’t ignore me.

    My own little anonymous down voting stalker. It’s like having a virtual pet :)

    (Exercise: Now, what a dilemma. To down vote THIS comment would obviously prove my point, and by NOT down voting, it would be obvious you want to be seen as going against the grain. What an awful conundrum for you! :))

  • naylor

    WO you’ve said in a previous post that you originally allowed him to use your content. What exactly did you say at the time?

    • I previously allowed Rich to use my content ont he basis of the same revenue share arrangement offered to Cactus. I have noticed ny content being used extensively and increasingly. Finally though it became untenable to continue given the lies that Rich Henry has laid down since. He has given numerous interviews about hos great his ethics are, his entrepreneurship and the astounding success of a website that the provides no content for. That is in stark contrast to the reality where without the content he refuses to pay for he couldn’t ahve sold the advertising.

      When he refused to come to an arrangement he orchestrated his own demise. He is nothing short of thief.

  • gaskranken

    Love to see a you tube clip that takes the scene from human traffic where the store clerk is getting humped by the boss and replace him with a pic of Rich, maybe Rich getting fucked by Frank:)