Will a real journalist ask her about our SAS troops in Iraq?

Helen Clark is back and is accusing others of deceit. It is an interesting claim by Helen Clark. ?No one but no one in the world has questione the veracity of the Wikileaks documents, not her former Labour colleagues, not even Sarah Palin, yet Helen Clark has decided to run the line that the story is false.

If the story is as false as she has made out then why has not a single member of Labour denounced it including Phil Goff?

However, since Helen Clark is talking about deceit what this blogger wants to know if there is any journalist who is going to give up the hagiography of St Helen and ask her the simple question:

?Did you send our NZSAS into combat in Iraq by seconding them to the British SAS??

Lets get her on record, and then cross reference it with NZDF documentation. The we will see if there is any deceit.