Awesome news

Keith Locke is retiring.

My day is complete.

No doubt Farrar will find something nice to say. I can’t so I will just take my mum’s advice that if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all.


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  • grantmichaelmckenna

    Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

  • michaels

    oh fucking fabulous….. ahh but careful of those kind words of saying nothing…. You just watch, the little fuck will head off to the UN or some other fucked up organisation

    • sandynobb

      Ambassador to Cuba, North Korea, etc, appointed by the next Labour Govt. Oh, pigs will fly first….

  • joes

    This is probably the best day of my life.

  • abjv

    Here’s something nice.

    He chose retirement. He could have also ‘been retired’ by getting a list position well down – something deliberately unelectable – not got back in, then used that wonderful redundancy provision that defeated MPs get to help them ‘transition’ to a new job.

    Any bet that Chris Carter stands (but doesn’t campaign at maximum effort), using the same logic?

  • michaels

    And the Pinko said nice. ho hum….

  • hagues

    full of himself… “I’ll probably be remembered as the MP who most strongly resisted legislation inspired by the ‘war on terror’ which has eroded our civil liberties.”

    Nope if remembered at all it will be for being the MP that made a promise to run naked down Newmarket if Rodney won Epsom and broke the promise, changing the terms after the fact.

  • monty

    Pussy. Say what you think and share it with us all. I am so pleased to be rid of him. There are so many famous quotes – my favourite was how he described the cricket tour to Zimbabwe as “much much worse that sex tours.” This was talking on the eve of the NZ cricket tour while being interviewed on ZB by Larry williams.

    So cricket between consenting adults (albeit with a corrupt regime) is much worse that men going to Thailand and having sex with children (Male and female) who do not have the choice, are probably slaves and probably at severe risk of VD and aids. Go figure the logic of Locke. I say to him – piss off – you are a useless peice of trash. I hope you have a rotten retirement, I hope never to hear from you again you complete and utter fuckwit.

  • spiker

    I’d have preferred that he’d died, then at least I’d have a chance to piss on his grave.

  • animalmother

    Yes, a shame he wasn’t “retired”, mafia-style.

    Still, he’ll have more spare time to be a pointless twat now. Oh, wait…

  • Cam, go through this avo’s Radio Live archives. Tamahere tore Locke a new one while they were interviewing him. Jackson was trying to be nice, but Tamahere even said Locke should be off writing his valedictory speech – should fit on a postage stamp… cringeworthy good.

  • jabba

    fantastic that this traitorous prick will be gone leaving the Limes full of people even weirder than he is

  • kapow

    Maybe he could move to the Socialist Utopia that he desires for NZ.
    North Korea.
    Then starve.

  • 666nzpr

    The question that needs to be answered is “Does pond scum sink to the bottom of the pond and decompose or does it fester at the suface and infect other life forms and dissipate”

  • toby

    I just want to take this moment to gloat and say “Sayonara, Keith, you loony arsehole.”

  • scanner

    Fuck off Keith, you never came to us with the solution because all the time you were the problem, good riddance rat.