Botany iPredict update

Tonight is the second meet the can?di?dates meet?ing. There seems to have been a bit of mud flying about from some of the candidates which is a bit unfortunate. It’s all a bit silly and likely to do the mud-flingers some serious damage. Again I won’t be at the selection, but never fear dear read?ers The Whale will be there via his spies, despite the ongoing efforts of the?hier?ar?chy?to keep me?out.

On to the stock prices. It seems that the news of Nick Smith’s backing of Maggie Barry has collapsed her support. It looks like her support is bleeding away, as expected to both Jami-Lee Ross and Aaron Bhatnagar.

Jami-Lee Ross to win selec?tion: Price:?$0.58?Probability:?58.3%

Mag?gie Barry to win selec?tion: Price:?$0.30?Probability:?29.6%

Aaron Bhat?na?gar to win selec?tion: Price:?$0.15?Probability:?15.0%

Ed Saafi to win selec?tion: Price:?$0.01?Probability:?1.1%

Dar?ren Gedge to win selec?tion: Price:?$0.01?Probability:?1.1%