Botany Selection – Ed Saafi

Now the Botany pre-selection has been made and I have had?time to learn more about Ed Saafi, i will list his pros and?cons like I have with the other candidates. As with my post?on Maggie Barry readers should not think I am taking sides?or advocating delegates vote in a certain way.

From what i can gather Ed is one of the many highly educated?second and third generation Pacific Islanders who have made?honoured their parents and grand-parents wishes, and done?well at school and university. He is a family man with the?same concerns that most New Zealanders have, especially?getting his children a good education so they have choices?in life.

Ed is a medical researcher with a Ph.D, and obviously has?intellectual heft and stickability to make it through the?minimum of seven years of study.


  • Highly educated, remembering that National doesnt have?many Ph.Ds in caucus.
  • Tongan and National is light on Pacific Island?representation
  • Been involved in the party since 2007
  • Worked for some years on building pacific island?membership for National


  • Destiny candidate in 2005
  • Tongan and National doesn’t do quotas in electorate?selection
  • Not outgoing enough to be a good politician

Apart from his Destiny candidacy no-one who knows Ed has a?bad word to say against him. If he is unsuccessful in Botany?he could well be the candidate in Mangere, the only seat in?Auckland that does not have a National MP as the incumbent?or as List MP for the area. National won’t win Mangere but if?Ed is selected there he may end up getting in on the list.