Citizen A – First of the year

Issue one: Len Brown saves the Suffrage monument, calls for free swimming pools and dreams of trains but most of his 52 of the 100 things he will do in the first 100 days seem as vague as a stoner with the munchies. How is he doing so far and what should his priorities be in 2011?

Issue two: Botany By-election – who would have thought so many would be keen to follow in Pansy Wong’s footsteps? Who will be the National Party candidate and what’s with the New Citizens Party meeting in Beijing to discuss running in Botany?

Issue three tonight: Hone Harawira in trouble with the Maori Party for suggesting they’ve been captured by the Wellington political elite, is this just another reason why the capital should be moved back to Auckland?


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  • The Gantt Guy

    Bomber Bradbury you arrogant cnut please please please either form your own party or join up with those other vile creatures John Hatfield, Matt McCarten and Sue Bradford. You could call you new party the New Zealand Communist Circus, and you could take Selwyn Manning as your Party President.

    Whale, associating with shit like Bomber is beneath you.

    • animalmother

      I don’t know how you can stand even listening to the collectivist ass-hats. Is it going to take NZ as long as Russia to learn? That shit just doesn’t fly.

  • positan

    It’s a singularly annoying habit of Labourites that they always talk over the contributions of whomsoever they are “debating.” Annette King, in her weekly ZB radio spots does it all the time, and Selwyn Manning’s performance against Whale well demonstrated the exact same failing.

    Labourites are not exactly renowned for displays of manners or common courtesies, (one imagines Labour caucus meetings must be screaming and hair-tearing events), but in both King’s and Manning’s vociferous scrambles to get their points across, their attitudes convey only the arrogant presumption that they’re nigh on terrified at the possibility that the importance and Solomonic wisdom of their utterances would be otherwise lost to listeners.

    If only they knew what dorks they made themselves appear with such inconsiderate behaviour – and how unlikely it is that anything they say will be deemed worthy of record.

  • The Gantt Guy

    You’re right Positan. I found myself thinking “FFS Selwyn, let the Whale finish a fucking sentence!”.

    And then when Selwyn (or whoever is representing the “left” that particular week) is talking, cnut bomber tries to keep Whale quiet with some really, really condescending wave/shake of his hand whenever Whale goes to make a comment!

  • kisekiman

    “Citizen A” is just a vehicle for Bomber to spout the usual lefty shit supported by some other like-minded pinko usually Selwyn Manning. Nominally it’s a two against one scenario but basically it’s fair game for Whale considering both of them are half-wits. I suggest Whale put in for some NZ on Air funding to get a program of his own so he can load a panel with the likes of Cactus Kate along with himself against hapless lefties. The trouble is no pinko in NZ would have the cojones to show up to be slaughtered by the intellectual butchers knives these two bring to an argument.