Hooton on Maggie Barry and Botany

Matthew Hooton was on Radio Live commenting on Maggie Barry and the Botany selection.

I doubt that Maggie even listens to Radio Live anymore for her own reasons but she would do well to listen to what Matthew has to say, especially how selections operate.

Meanwhile some fools have had a meeting in Beijing about how to win in Botany. Surely they jest with the joke of the year. They may well get more votes than Labour though.


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  • mediatart

    Hooton spreating the usual untruths about Nationals selection being ‘very’ democratic.
    Fact: More than half of the delegates will selected by party HQ in Remuera.

    This is how John Key got selected over a sitting MP ( the head office candidate bogey).
    They even held the doors open later for those ‘local delegates’ who got lost.

    And as we have seen recently in the Carter selection in The South Island, which was overturned by HQ. Was that a democratic selection. No they did it because it was corrupt.

    Since when did Hooton become all knowldegable about the National Party , Is he a member or office holder. At least Faffar has lead his party to glorious defeats when he has put his oar in at the regional and electorate level.

    The hard liners really have it in for Maggie. because they suspect she is a centrist and not a far right.

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  • paulus12

    As nice as Maggie is she has no political experience whatsoever.

    She has not been a National Party member for 12 months yet.

    If she were to work the Party system for the next few years then I would probably support her. She need a “topic” upon which to project herself, attend party conferences, and align herself politically.

    Good Luck

  • mediatart

    paulus, do you realise you are repeating the Labour party line about John Key having no political experience whatso ever ( nor did he spend time labouring away for the good of the party).
    THis is a bye election in election year , its a media event for the candidates, who are normally ignored during a general election. Her folksy non partisan ways ( like a female Ronald Reagan) are just what the pros who actually run the party now want.
    As well saying she knows nothing about politics is absurd. She was in the heart of radio political journalism for years, so knows ‘sound bites’ in her sleep