Judge of the Week – Tony Adeane


An outspoken judge has jailed a man for 28 days for swearing at him from the public gallery, saying he’s had enough of criminals and their supporters being rude and arrogant.

Judge Tony Adeane, a district court judge working in Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne, said Gisborne had a “particular problem” with bad behaviour in court, after he jailed the man for abusing him.

Good job.

Judge Adeane said James Kennedy Grant’s abuse came at the end of a week of “bad manners” in Gisborne District Court last week. “At least one defendant having been denied bail chose to make a thoroughly obscene outburst … one individual walked across the back of the seats [in the public gallery], a phone rang in the pocket of one individual twice.”

Grant, 26, of Gisborne, was in the public gallery to support a friend appearing in court. He was unhappy at the outcome of his friend’s appearance and, just as he was leaving, yelled out to Judge Adeane: “Is that all, c…?”

He was called to appear before the same judge in Napier on Monday and was sent to jail for contempt of court.

“Your outburst was simply arrogant, angry, rude, disrespectful defiance of the court, and that will not be tolerated,” Judge Adeane told him. “It needs to be known … particularly in Gisborne, where there is a specific problem.”

He said, although he was sometimes prepared to overlook emotional responses from stressed people in the dock, he would not accept it from the public.

Using the ‘C’ word would have done it for sure.


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  • gooner

    Go and see what I/S has to say on this. He thinks it’s fine for judges to be called cu**s; and worse, if they punish for it they are acting as tyrants!

    He is seriously strange.

    • I/S?

      • idiot/Savant (Malcolm Harbrow) from No Right Turn….emphasis on the idiot

  • titanuranus

    Just a shame these pompous old tosspots don`t take the same dim view of the criminality these little shits appearing in front them are committing .
    Tho, a step in the right direction, just wait for the bleating and wailing from the bleeding hearts.

  • tristanb

    I’m glad he got sentenced to 28 days – I think it’s pretty appropriate.

    The said thing is that it’s the more of a sentence than most criminals get for assaulting a strangers.

    • tristanb

      Uh, how about implementing an edit feature WO?

      I sound like an ESOL student.