Pearl Going returns, up to her old tricks

Regular readers will know all about Pearl Going, aka Sian Pearl Going, aka Sia-Pearl Going. Just to recap here is a list her claimed fame:

  • Speaks Ara?bic, French and Span?ish but can barely type in English
  • Has a BSc from Otago. (They have no record)
  • she also says she has no degree
  • Says she went to Senior Col?lege (They have no record)
  • Says she went to Oxford Uni?ver?sity in 2006 where she stud?ied Human Sci?ences, Pol?i?tics and Inter?na?tional Rela?tions at New Col?lege. She says she stud?ied med?i?cine for two and a half years at Oxford. (I have a let?ter from Oxford say?ing she never, ever enrolled)
  • also?AUT?in 2002 where she stud?ied Human Sciences
  • also Can?ter?bury in 2005 where she stud?ied inter?na?tional studies
  • she says she has a pilot?s licence but won?t say where?from.
  • Says she last flew up north but will give no details.
  • Says her ?Clean? jeans are made in?NZ?She wont say where. She says they are sold at a store in?LA?She wont say where. She also says they are sold a ?best seller? in Barneys
  • She says she sourced the red silk for Natalie Portman?s dress for Zac?Posen,
  • She says she was engaged to ?Leon Roth?schild and that he slashed his wrists at the end of last year when she broke off with?him.
  • She says she is a friend of?NY?socialite Tins?ley Mortimer.
  • Says she is mates with Marc Jacobs and was his fab?ric buyer and that she was Zac Posen?s muse.
  • When asked if the Tins?ley Mor?timer quote on her Face?book was about her and she went all coy and smiled.
  • She says she was in Brazil doing char?ity work and saved lives in a plane crash which she was?in.
  • She has sib?lings by dif?fer?ent fathers. The sib?lings are part?maori
  • She says 2 weeks before her 16th birth?day she was drugged and raped by [removed by request of per?son con?cern] who abused her for six hours and then left her body in a dump?ster. [per?son? name deleted as per request] is a pilot now liv?ing in the?UK. I am told he is a very very decent and good young?guy.
  • She says she has breast cancer
  • She says her mother has can?cer of the colon and is going into hospital.
  • She says her father is an alco?holic because of what hap?pened to ?his lit?tle?girl?.
  • She says she sup?ports orphan?ages in Burma, Fiji and Sierra Leone but will give no details. She pic?tures of her?self with Thai?kids.
  • She says she worked for Fair?Trade and Amnesty.
  • She says she has spent 71?days in?NZ?in 2008 and maybe 6 months in?NY?in 2007 but she is in and out a lot so no specifics.
  • The Clean Green Air com?pany doesn?t google.
  • She did used to work for Pow?er?call as a telemarketer
  • Her mum?s name is Max?ine 021?18X?XXXX. She is a mas?sage ther?a?pist and cleaner
  • She applied for a job at Fair?Trade with a steth?escope hang?ing out of her bag and wear?ing scrubs. and she got job with forged refs from Oxford that said she was the bright?est stu?dent they had?seen.
  • Says she is ?23 and?28
  • Says she lives off a Trust?Fund
  • Says she dated Peter Hujlich but threw a glass of wine on him when he called Peter Stew?art a pae?dophile. (He denies even know?ing Peter Stewart, he also denies ever having a relationship with the mad bitch)
  • Has a hand?bag label using pleather ? which is sup?pos?edly eco-friendly leather but which is actu?ally plastic
  • Was a pilot in Brazil, saved every?one in a crash with her med?ical degree
  • Grew up on a farm in South?land next to the Stew?arts, Pieter is her mum?s best friend also that she grew up in Tutakaka in a hippy family
  • Worked for the?UN?for?years
  • Has been offered a job by Kate Sylvester after know?ing her ten minutes
  • Been on a?yacht?with Richard Bran?son, who is her ?friend? watch?ing the moon?rise

Since I made that list she went on to try and scam the Auckland fashion scene which Isaac Likes mocked beautifully.

Alarmingly she has continued on her fraudulent ways and the story I am about to tell you shows she cares not a jot for anyone but herself.

Pearl Going is currently scamming her way around the South Island pretending she is a travel writer and conning stays in luxury?accommodation. I know this because one proprietor of such and establishment sat and listened to her crap for hours and grew suspicious that such a waif could have achieved all she said she had. As Sian-Pearl, the name she is currently using went off to bed the owner of the lodge sat down in front of her computer and googled Pearl Going. The rat that was a bit whiffy just got very smelly indeed.

The lodge that Pearl had managed to stay at is Kaimata on the Otago Peninsula. I spoke with co-owner Rachel about the strange visitation of Pearl Going. She was alarmed at what she discovered and so put an end to what she thought was likely to be an expensive guest given her propensity to stay places and not pay. I have also been provided with the extensive emails between Kaimata and Pearl’s alleged personal assistant Julie Malcolm. It is the opinion of Rachel at Kaimata and also of this blogger that Julie doesn’t exist and is in fact Pearl going running her usual scam of pretending to have extensive staff. From the emails I also now know her latest “company” incarnation which she is using to pass herself as credible to the un-suspecting luxury accomodation providers.

Pearl Going is a fraud, she needs to be stopped and it is smart thinking people like Rachel at Kaimata that will help shut her down.

Rachel from Kaimata tells the story in her email to me:

I took a booking (extending our industry rate) from an agent Julie Malcolm of A+P Media a couple of weeks ago, representing ‘a big’ travel writer & publisist, wanting to stay etc etc. (I had googled A+P media and got a news site which I assumed this big wig maybe attached to).?She was confirmed to stay with us for one night last night, and then St Clair beach resort tonight – this hasn’t happened. – sh’es currently at the Mercure in the city.

After finding out Julie Malcolm’s special client’s name on the day of her arrival, Sian Pearl arrived yesterday afternnon around 3pm. Her conversation (inapproriate name dropping for a person at her level, was telling blatant lies about surfing – Kyle is known and active in NZ surf industry circles and many more tales), and her?behaviour?(no interest in our product!, drunk lots of wine, 3 cheeseboards before dinner as well as a 3-course dinner …….), no business card, – just thought things were too wrong and googled her.

Lo and behold – you and isaac likes, her own IT girl site ….

Anyway I thought right, will give this Julie a call – rang her at 11.30 last nite – who answered Julie’s phone – Pearl of course – who promptly explained they had swapped phones because our website said we have no internet access so she took the blackberry .. ….

We called the police last night, and had our local police on standby this morning after being advised by Julie (by email) that Pearl would be leaving immediately after our mistreatment –
Pearl paid – wasn’t going to let her go without paying, she knew she had been busted and was gone by 9am this morning –

You might be amused by correspondence with “julie” to follow

The end of story?
She indictaed she won’t be writing anything good about Kaimata –
She didnt pay the taxi company she had jacked up to take her around Dunedin
I rang St Clair Beach Resort and they turned her away after also consulting with the police.
I laid a formal?complaint?with the police.
I am not bothering to reply to Pearl’s last email.

Amongst the many claims that Pearl made during her bizarre stay with the lovely people at Kaimata was that she was Manu Bennett‘s (Crixus in Spartacus)publicist.

From the emails I have been provided we find out:

Pearl?is one of the?founding partners of New York based AP Group which is what AP Media and AP?Brand fall under. She is not my direct boss but is actually the boss of my
boss. I’m sure company records if you look them up will state her as a?Director.

Please see this article it is one of the first things that come up in my?browser when I search us:

This was published in a Fairfax NZ newspaper, they are hardly?going?to?right that if the company does not exist.

Oh so now we have a supposedly New York company called AP Group. The logos and rubbish confidentiality statements on the email also used the following company names and brands:

  • A P Group Holdings?Ltd
  • A+P Brand
  • A+P Media

None of those google, at all. The Companies office does show an AP Group Holdings Limited that strangely is registered to a Sian Pearl Going in Whangarei, which is awful far from New York. At the bottom of each email there are telephone numbers EUR: +44 7 936 381 039 | USA: +1 212 502 965
420 | UAE: +971 507 592 011. I also have obtained Pearl’s mobile number 021 1247011. I don’t get any answer from some of those phones now.

The Europe number doesn’t connect, neither does the US number, I got someone to answer the UAE number but they never speak. So much for a global organisation representing talent like Manu Bennett.

I have been unable to get hold of Manu Bennett to ascertain whether this loopy cow is actually his publicist but given that every thing else about the woman is a living lie I suspect this is too.

But Pearl is ever so important. Her “Brand Assistant” writes:

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the chat today, we have a writer in Dunedin for two?nights on the 25th and 26th of Jan. We would like her to spend one?of these nights out at Kaimata if you have space available.

She will spend her other night in Dunedin at somewhere in the?city,?she has the brief to write about Dunedin in travel terms for the?world cup. Typically the media outlets we work with are high end?so it has been a struggle to find places down there that are?suitable to be profiled and we have heard Kaimata fits the bill.?This will most likely be placed with London media outlets.

If you can please advise if you have a room available on either?of?these nights that would be superb, we have no issue with paying for?the room etc.

Thank you in advance, you can reach me on my NZ number 021 749?725?should you need to.


Julie Malcolm

As we already know from Rachel’s email above there is no Julie Malcolm, just Pearl with two phones and?definitely?two personalities. She is sending emails prepping the mark, touting that she is a travel writer and getting the hopes of these folk who have put their heart and soul into developing their businesses up that they will get some much needed attention during the world wide recession.

As is usual with Pearl Going, when she is tumbled, in this case by an incredulous Rachel from Kaimata she goes all legal and threatening. When Rachel rumbled her plan to scalp them this is the chain of emails that followed:

From: <[email protected]>
To: “Kaimata Retreat”
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 12:28 AM
Subject: Re: 25th or 26th of Jan kaimata

I don’t know what is going on down there but I have just received a?call?from Sian and she has completely let fire on me.
She has said that she received a call from you at 11:30pm tonight while?she was sleeping looking for me. I switched out ph’s with her at the
airport as her blackberry can not be out of service due to her line of?work.

I don’t really understand what is going on or why you would call my number?at this hour of the night? As you can understand she is fairly

As you can also understand it makes me look very bad as I arranged for her?to come there so Kaimata could be included in pre world cup pieces we are?pitching and checked out for future client stays. She also ripped me up?saying you had something to sort with me? I’m not entirely sure what?that?is.

What ever has happened between now and 7 o’clock ish when she sent me?an?email asking me to recommend your establishment to Joanna Bourke at?Mollies Hotel and also confirm with Karin Horen (the wife of our client?Manu Bennett) dates to book on her behalf has changed to “Julie, I’m?feeling very uneasy with the energy here, the call was bizarre. I want?to?leave asap. Sort it out”. Thank god her partner had rugby training and?didn’t come with her or this could have been more of catastrophe than?it?seems now.

This is a serious situation there are hours of business people operate?under on a Tuesday. I don’t really know what else to say, can you?please?advise me of a total invoice to pay as it is most likely she will be?leaving early in the morning. What the hell I’m supposed to do about?already mentioning you to Joanna and sending Karin the contact details?I?don’t actually know.

I will try calling tomorrow mid morning after my morning phone ins with?the UK.

No use calling the UK Julie or is that Pearl, the number doesn’t work. Meanwhile Rachel responds calling out, in a polite manner her bullshit. The response is an even longer rambling concotion of bullshit sent by the ever desperate Pearl holed up in the room with her …or is it Julies..Blackberry.

From: <[email protected]>
To: “Kaimata Retreat”
Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: 25th or 26th of Jan kaimata

After a very interesting conversation with St Clair beach resort and a ph?call to our advisers I have been advised to only communicate with you via?written form.

I feel you are somewhat untrustworthy with your response?below as it differs from the claims you made to?Pearl?calling me?unprofessional and claiming that I threatened you with her rugby player?boyfriend.

To clarify I was simply pointing out how terrible the situation?was and stating that it could of been a lot worse if her partner was there?(I meant for myself) it would of meant not only a screw up infront of her?but also a screw up in front of one of NZ’s premier sportsman who I have?the greatest respect for.

I am currently consulting a lawyer who is looking over my email at this?moment.

Possibly there has been some misunderstanding on your behalf as to who I?am in this company and what role I actually play.?Pearl?is one of the?founding partners of New York based AP Group which is what AP Media and AP?Brand fall under. She is not my direct boss but is actually the boss of my?boss. I’m sure company records if you look them up will state her as a?Director.

Please see this article it is one of the first things that come up in my?browser when I search us:

This was published in a Fairfax NZ newspaper, they are hardly going to?right that if the company does not exist.

I find how you have treated?Pearl?very saddening. You see as I am sure?Joanna will tell you,?Pearl?is one of the best allies to have in this
business. While I am aware that bloggers and tabloids papers are vocal in?their dislike it is only because she is very good at her job as our chief?publicist.

As she is a publicist by trade I would have thought you would be aware?that she would probably write under pseudonym for her travel writing,?surely you must know this is not uncommon?

What you have said to St Clair beach resort and how you are attempting to?paint the situation is bordering on defamation. It is also irresponsible.

Rachel can you honestly expect me to send our clients your way after this??Do you know how important?Pearl?is to not only this company but our?clients? To have treated her that way is completely unacceptable. For Kyle?to say to the woman who pays my wages when she stated a call at that hour?was not acceptable “What business is it of yours? We can call Julie when?we like, that is between her and us”.

I see below that you are attempting to validate your actions by stating we?are a media company it must be ok to call me at any hour. To answer you on?that one, If I were a publicist – yes ok in an emergency please do call?between the hours of 11pm and midnight. I am not a publicist I am a brand?manager, meaning I work in the corporate world between the hours of 8am -?6pm at the latest.

The saddest part about this is given the type of person she is if you had?spoken to her directly this morning and asked about what other pieces she?had written she probably would have pulled them up on an ipad for you to?look at.

This doesn’t just go away because you call people up and tell god only?knows what story. This will go further and it already has, can I suggest?at some point you actually front up with an apology about your?misunderstanding?

Further more you charged her for been there only 14hrs or so, you treated?her like a criminal, you ignored my request for an invoice on two
occasions this morning.

On my last note in your situation first rule of business is: Customer is?always right. You don’t deserve to be a qualmark 4+ star rating.

I am sure you will hear from our lawyer with a cease and desist notice at?their nearest availability.



Oh dear, Julie…or is that Pearl…is having a right little rant isn’t she. Threatening lawyers and bad reputations and the like, yet not a single link or contact detail anywhere. Except to some specious paid advertorial in an obscure part of Stuff.

If Pearl even pays her lawyers, it will be a drop kick like she used on me and that was real successful NOT. I don’t think the good folk at Kaimata have anything to fear from this little fraudster. If she thinks that what Rachel and kyle did in tossing her sorry lying arse from their place borders on defamation then this post?definitely?is and I welcome her to try and sue me so we can settle once and for all the sad truth about Pearl Going and her life of a fantasy.

Pearl Going is a menace, she must be stopped. She was run out of Auckland by me and by Isaac Likes, now it is time to run her out of the South Island. Accommodation providers need to be aware of her activities, and her background. Hopefully the Police will track this little cow down and sort her out pronto.