Pre-selection questions leaked

Today is pre-selection for the 527 candidates putting there names forward to represent National in Botany.

They will face an interview and questions from a panel made up of 5 local members including the Botany electorate chair, Peter Goodfellow, the rules committee chair Peter Kiely, Norther Region Chair Alan Towers, and John Key’s electorate chair Stephen McElrea.

During the interview the panel will look at the candidates CV, ask questions about missing jobs and hidden details, previous party affiliations and memberships, and any other gotchas that candidates might hide like name changes, and convictions. In light of the David Garrett affair they might also like to ask about name suppression cases that may or may not come out though one member of the panel will probably fall a wee bit quiet on that one.

However despite all that the real?hard?questions are the ones that have been leaked to me, and in the interests of fairness I will now publish them below for all?candidates?to familiarise themselves with them.

  1. Who is the MP for Helensville?
  2. Which PM is the most popular since records began?
  3. Who leads the National Party?
  4. Who is the 38th and current Prime?Minister?of New Zealand?
  5. Who is married to Bronagh Key?
  6. Who won 73% of the electorate vote in the 2008 election in Helensville electorate?
  7. Who succeeded Don Brash as Leader of the Opposition in 2006?
  8. Who succeeded Helen Clark as Prime Minister on 8 November 2008?
  9. Who has a majority in his electorate of 20,547?
  10. Who do you need to stay close to during the by-election, especially when cameras are present?
  11. Who do you have to smile like during the by-election, especially when cameras are present?