Take a bow Panky

Tim Pankhurst has reacted to the continued name suppression of the Smarty Devil in Disguise.

Newspaper Publishers’ Association chief executive Tim Pankhurst said yesterday that media companies should challenge the suppression to protect the principles of open justice.

“The courts in this country are far too ready to offer suppression. A justice system operates the most effectively in full sunlight and any sort of suggestion that people of influence … are protected, undermines the system.”

Mr Pankhurst said the name suppression put pressure on other 46-year-old entertainers. “We’ve already had other so-called celebrities saying `it’s not me’.”

He said the man would have avoided a media storm if he had come clean when he was charged.

The celebrity’s lawyer, Jenny Smith, declined to comment on why he is continuing to argue for suppression.

Hmmmm…I wonder if TVNZ will make an announcement as to whether or not they will be challenging this name suppression. So far it is the glaring ommission from the list, I wonder why that is?