They just can't resist

I see today that Grant Robertson is spinning the lines he learned on Helen’s knees, when he worked for her, about Crosby|Textor. They just never, ever learn.

What Labour doesn’t tell you is that although National are upfront about their small use of analysts and advisors Crosby|Textor, Labour stays silent on their use of American advisors.

Fortunately though I am more vigilant than the New Zealand media and so since Grant Robertson has again run the Crosby|Textor line it is only fair that I point out that their American adivsors are in the news.

Blue State Digital, which made its name through its work with the 2008 Obama for America campaign, has been acquired by WPP Digital. Yet the firm comes into the WPP fold without one of its key online advertising execs who worked on the Obama team. BSD’s former director of advertising and promotion, a member of Obama’s online ad team, left the firm earlier this month.

Since gaining acclaim during the 2008 presidential election through its Obama campaign work, the integrated digital marketing agency has veered away from political candidate campaigns and broadened its clientele to encompass more advocacy groups, non-profits, unions, sporting organizations, educational institutions, and corporate clients.

Blue State Digital have been integral in Labour’s campaign and the word is they are again working hard for their clients. But how do I know they working for Labour? Because they skite about it of course.

Post-Obama, Blue State Digital is now in high demand. “We have the tools,” says Thomas Gensemer, Blue State’s managing partner, referring to the infrastructure they cre- ated for Obama. “And those alone open up a bunch of markets.”

The firm officially opened its London office this past December and is working for a number of international clients—both political and non-political. Along with its work for Fianna Fáil, New Zealand’s Labour Party and Sweden’s Social Democratic Party, Blue State is running a U.K. political group’s online campaign against the British Nationalist Party, and a web-based PR campaign to oppose new alcohol taxes. The company is also bidding to run the British Labour Party’s online efforts, which are likely to heat up in May after the European Union elections.

So while Labour accuses National that everything they say and do is because of two well respected political strategists across the ditch they in fact are taking advice from American political advisors themselves. I seriously doubt that National is taking very much advice from Crosby|Textor these days but I dare Labour to deny they are still using the strategy, tools and methodologies of Blue State Digital.

Phil Goff can’t be honest about his hair dye, will he be honest and tell us about their American advisors? I doubt it.


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  • paulus12

    Don’t be so nasty to “gorgeous” Granty.

    He has a very good chance of become Labour Party parliamentary leader sooner than people expect, along with Maryann Street as deputy – viva the rainbows.

    Helen would support this

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  • grumpy

    “I see today that Grant Robert­son is spin­ning the lines he learned on Helen’s knees,”

    Wrong! it was on Uncle Peter Davis’ knee.

  • origen

    From what I can tell, Blue State Digital design websites and do online marketing. They can hardly be compared to Crosby Textor.

  • tons

    Labour must hate the fact the company is called ‘Blue State’ Digital.

    They’ed be more comfortable if it was called ‘Red State’ Digital.