A suggestion for a looter

via the tipline

There isn’t really anything nice anyone can say about looters. One of the tough guys who nicked the generators has some tough stickers.

A reader has sent in a suggest change for the looter for his tattoos. Nice t-shirt suggestion too.

Looter - Jed Wilson-Calver

Looter - Jed Wilson-Calver


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  • kevin

    So tough he/they can’t even face the camera… white trash x2.

  • jamegumb

    lets hope the boyz in D block enjoy his white trash pussy barbie arse.

  • peterwn

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have just the outfit for him. Pity the Americans did not send him to Christchurch. He has three skills that would be useful there:
    1. Dealing with looters etc.
    2. Developing tent cities for the displaced people, although they would need to be a bit more upmarket than the ones he usually develops, but they would not need razor wire fences or goon boxes.
    3. Chain gang management for the cleaning up effort.

  • 666nzpr

    The Good Son.
    A son of the village OTD’ed.
    Stealing and traitor to his own people during times of disaster.
    Man, i’d hate to be him when after the shock has set in.
    There is no punishment hard enough for this boy.