Caption Contest – the ex-MP and the ex-Ho


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  • jacqueline

    LOL an he thought he escaped you just because he wouldn’t let YOU take a photo of him bwahhahaha…you are evil Slater!

  • I see nipple! :-P

    I also see a woman under 90 wearing a Bring Back Winston tshirt. I am really hoping that’s some sort of ironic thing. In fact, yeah, I want one of those tshirts! Where do I get one? Does Mr Vintage sell them? :-D

  • jacqueline

    I should have kept a few of those bras when i chucked out all my fancy hooker gear huh? lol

    I can’t believe i didn’t even notice that t shirt! I want one!

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  • Wear a bra underneath when you get one love.

    Or not. I’m not complaining really. :-P

  • jabba

    JS to Winny .. I’m so excited to see you or maybe it’s the wind chill

    • jacqueline

      Winny to JS – Hold my coffee while i pull this carrot out of my arse?

  • jimbob

    How tall is the blond?
    4′ 6″

  • “Honey, if you want my number you have to talk to my lawyer first. Oh, you mean telephone number.”

  • cadwallader

    “I’d like to introduce the Minister For Grey Pubic Hair in the Dementia First Party.”

  • scanner

    I’d like you all to meet my Uncle Pervy.

  • scanner

    Have you met my pimp

  • jacqueline

    Guess which one has screwed more money out of people…

  • matt

    “I’m over 17 Mr Peters, I promise!”

  • sandynobb

    ” Hey, the top of my baby sippy cup is missing.”

  • michaels

    I am Winston watch me whore.

  • cribble

    Who’s de Ho?

  • sandynobb

    Man makes donation of unviable sperm. Woman (?), left, assisted.

  • So, you want to be the founder of Young New Zealand First then Ms Sperling? I don’t know; we’ve never had a member under 50 before …

  • zork

    Its the new Wini Doll, watch while he drinks a glass of water.

  • kehua

    Well we are both pretty well rooted ,but what the heck………

  • Winston prepares rufi.

  • loki

    “We promise to smiley while you pay us to f..k you.”

  • michaels

    I wonder if Michael knows about this?
    One would think it would stop any more rumours of him joining Winston.

  • liberty

    Still owe $150,000 and down to using cardboard cups.
    A far cry from living the life of Riley. Being Aunty Helen lap dog.