Goff rules out Maori party…or has he?

Phil Goff has got himself in a right pickle. He is flapping around all over the place like a landed fish.

Helen Clark called the Maori Party “Last cab off the rank”.

Phil Goff rules then out categorically, maybe, who knows, Phil sure doesn’t.

Radio Live today:

“Well, I’m sure as hell I’m not going in with the Maori Party and the Act Party in their current states.”

So he won’t talk to the Maori Party but will work with Winston First and possibly, maybe, but not sure with Hone Harawira?

Has the man any semblance of a back-bone?

Turns out he doesn’t. Later in the interview he then goes on to say he’ll speak to anyone which all seems a bit contradictory. Fortunately for New Zealand he won’t be in a position to have to talk with anyone.


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  • He’ll speak to anyone? I look forward to his discussion with Act.

  • orange

    Why do Maori so love Labour when Labour so hates Maori? Or does Labour only hate effective Maori?

  • whafe

    Labour doesn’t know shit from clay…… Couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery… Etc etc etc

    They are the best opposition that National can have….

    Goff is a has been, step aside Mr Goff… Do your party a favour..

  • whalewatcher

    stay there Phil, fantastic entertainment for us working middle classes, you know, the ones who pay the taxes.

  • animalmother

    Poor chap is all at sea without Huluns gruff voice telling him what to think.

  • cadwallader

    Goff is the embodiment of a person lacking principles. He has evolved to this state through being a member of a party which shelves any semblance of principles to pursue power at all costs. He is a loser who will never be anything but a loser!