Good comment

Early this morning my resident pinko troll mediatart made the following comment:

Mediatart comment on Whaleoil

Steven Joyce is not interested in Rodney, but North Shore despite the misgivings of the Prime Minister who wants his master strategist to focus ion the whole country rather than just one seat. He has the president trying to scare away contenders so Steven can get selected unopposed. The other list MPs in Auckland are not strong enough to win selection in any seat, so don’t expect Melissa Lee, Jacqui Blue or Cam Calder to put their names forward anywhere other than where they are now.  The weakness of the candidates college which was largely dormant until late last year means there are few people coming through for selection that the public could get excited about.

Sometimes commenters can be very perspicacious, this is one reason why I like mediatart‘s” commentary….sometimes.


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  • michaels

    For fucks sake Slater!!!
    You like Media Sluts comment once!!
    Enough already!!