Good job

I saw the other day that Trevor Rogers was jailed for contempt of court. Good job, the man is a prick, a bombast and a bully. Now we also know he lies to courts and is a cheapskate with the help. I bet he didn’t even pay the gardener.

There are plenty of stories about this jerk around Auckland and Wellington. I probably know most of them as a type of curator of stories like this.

For instance he used to throw his weight around in Auckland politics threatening people he didn’t like with beatings. His favourite saying was “Do you want to come over and snap you legs off and jam them up your arse“. Of course he would do all this over the telephone and never face to face.

He came very close to being sued for several defamations as well. The cases never happened because it was thought back then at the end of the 90s that he was a broken arse and there would be little point in pursuing action, the lawyers would get paid, Rogers would be proven to be a dirty little liar and at the end of the day he still wouldn’t and couldn’t pay up.

Anytime he owed people money, and it was a long line of people, he would make excuses and then loudly proclaim that they would get paid when he “moved $5 million down from Honkers“. All the while he swanned around Auckland in a light blue Rolls Royce. He couldn’t even pay his rent despite the “$5 million from Honkers“.

I hope he is being double bunked with a 165kg gang member with poor personal hygiene. Trevor Rogers should be grateful that Ministers aren’t allowed to direct which cell and cell mates he has because there would be a long line of them queuing up to assist Judith Collins in selecting his cellmates, indeed even the prison he was in.

Which reminds me of a joke.

Three men go for a job interview at a drug rehabilitation centre. The bloke conducting the interview hands them each a piece of paper with two circles drawn on it, one big and one small.

“So”, the interviews says, “How would you use this piece of paper to convince people not to take drugs?”

The first guy holds up his piece of paper:


He points to the big circle and says: “This is your brain before you take drugs.” He then points to the small circle and continues: “This is your brain after you take drugs.”

The interviewer says: “Not bad” and turns to the second guy, who holds up his piece of paper:


He also points to the big circle: “This is your circle of friends before you take drugs.” He points to the small circle: “This is your circle of friends after you take drugs.”

Again, the interviewer says: “Not bad” and turns to the third guy.

The third guy says nothing for a moment, and then he holds up his piece of paper:


“If you take drugs you’ll be arrested and taken to jail.” He points to the small circle. “This is you arsehole before you go to jail … “


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  • gaskranken

    Gee Cam, sounds exactly like Grant Fell from Black Magazine, don’t know how he gets away with it but shitting on mates is how it all starts.

  • gaskranken

    Went to see Inside Job last night
    very well presented indictment on the bald heads who snort coke, buy hookers and hang out on Wall Street being greedy , well done Charlie Fergusson.
    Check out