Greens miss out on Botany – stuck in traffic

Bwahahahhaha – The Green candidate for Botany left his run too late and missed the deadline for registering for the Botany by-election…..because he was stuck in traffic.

The Greens announced in a press release late last night that it had selected former staffer Richard Leckinger to stand, but Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden said Leckinger had not made it.

“A completed nomination form from the Green Party was not received before the legal deadline of noon today and therefore the Electoral Commission could not accept the nomination,” he said.

Leckinger was upset.

“Gutted. In one word gutted. My heart is broken for the Green Party folk in Botany who had pulled all this together. I am gutted, it’s a real disappointment that I got stuck in traffic on Ti Rakau Drive.”

Even more ironic because the Greens opposed vociferously ETCART. He might also like to thank Len Brown for his opposition to ETCART back in 2004.

I do wonder though why he didn’t use public transport….clearly another of those tossers who think public transport is for thee and not for me…other people in other words.


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  • That’s gold! The same sort of thing happened years ago in Palmy when a local land agent by the name of Pat Kelleher, a sitting councillor, left his nomination until the last possible minute, then got stuck at a tarffic light on the way to the council chambers and missed the midday deadline.

  • hagues

    What a delicious irony!

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  • whalewatcher

    why would you leave it to the last anyway? there is no advantage in that…

    I like Key’s approach to announcing the election – it has always been a silly game to hold off – and now we all know what to expect

  • abjv

    He should have taken a bus. We all know that buses always go exactly from where you want to go from, to where you want to go to, and always run to their timetable.

  • peterwn

    They should be properly organised, Like Bill Birch was many years ago. His supporters had to get his nomination for selection to the electorate secretary (my late mum) who lived at the edge of the electorate. The all-important nomination was delivered by a convoy of two cars – in case one broke down. Needless to say he won National’s nomination for Franklin (as it then was) and the rest is history.

    • whalewatcher

      peterwn, just don’t mention those 2 little magic words, think and big

      you might give the Loonatic (I bet he reads this blog) even greater megalmaniacal ideas.
      Perhaps his own personal subway, door-to-door to Grey St? that would be public transport, yeah? Perhaps that could be one of his 100 ideas..

  • animalmother

    Pure gold. The only way this could be more fitting is if the traffic jam was caused by a truck spilling a load of tofu after colliding with a prius.

  • stevewrathall

    The Aotearoa Legalise Cannibis candidate was also running late. But then he heard there were some cheezels at the Returning Office.

  • michaels

    I guess there was no chance they wanted to miss out??
    Didn’t want to waste money on a dead duck so to speak?
    Save their few dollars for the bigger game later in the year?

    Nah, they wouldn’t do that.

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