Hard man? Yeah right

Hone Harawira is a self-styled hard man, turns out though he is a big girls blouse.

Hone Harawira has broken down in tears in a television interview discussing his ongoing problems with the Maori Party.

Oh please, how pathetic. Piss off.


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  • buffalobob

    He probably cant take anymore mind control from the Puppet Master.

  • arnie

    Looks like crocodile tears to me, you wait he will stay in the party then cloe to or after the election will start again, I don’t think he can help himself.

  • daveg

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? As one of Harawiras hated “white motherfucker” I can safely say he’s just too stupid to learn lessons, so he’ll be back, but unchanged and unrepentant. A classic moron. The teenagers his mother abused many years ago, would probably have shed similar tears, did he feel sorry for them? I doubt it.

  • whafe

    My heart bleeds copious amounts of puss for him…. Hone, take a whole heap of concrete pills mate, HTFU (for you Hone – Harden The Fuck Up)

  • zork

    Te Tai Tokerau need a stronger person, not a cry baby,

    Hone you are the Weakest Link, Goodbye !

  • jimmie

    Hmmm maybe he should go work for Len Brown they both like crying in public. COuld change his surname to Hone Brown and be bruddas 2gevva

  • cribble

    Was this not just a cynical tactical political move? He does an interview (contrary to the continuing resolution process), showing his hard-core electorate how he is willing to go his own way, while showing any peripheral Hone voters how it “…was just tearing him apart..”
    Racist wanker.

  • tristanb

    What the hell is it with crying men. Seriously, it’s okay on the death of your wife or your kid (or your mum if you’re young), but otherwise no.

    It’s a learnt expression from crap reality TV shows. Every man on those programmes cries there about how they miss their family, or how they really want to win the show. They’ve normalised male tearfulness.

    Fortunately normal men still do not do this in real life – it’s still a TV stunt. But I would hate this man-cry thing to catch on – it’s a sign of weakness and inability to handle life. Pussy.

  • tristanb

    What’s this moderation crap, BTW?

    I know it’s your blog and all. But knowing you screen comments really puts me off visiting.

    • It’s the sudden influx of socialist peasants.

    • When you use the word pussy, it automatically puts you in moderation. Harden up.

  • hagues

    “Speaking to TVNZ’s Marae Investigates today, Harawira admitted to having made mistakes while in Parliament, noting in particular an email in which he referred to white people as motherf…ers.

    ”Given how much I have to offer, given how much that put back my ability to operate effectively on a national stage, I regret that hugely,” Harawira said.”

    So he doesn’t think he was wrong about white people being mofos, just sorry that saying so caused a bit of difficultly for him . “Given how much I have to offer” pfft piss off you racist one trick pony.

  • crabby

    What has he done so far?