Impertinent questions Re: Looters?

Some wag has suggested via tipline that I’m too liberal with looters. He asks:

  1. What bounty are Whaleoil Readers offering per Looter?
  2. They are sending over NSW Police – they pack heat – how do we get them good hollow-point bullets?
  3. Legal wankers complain about the Canterbury Recovery Act – make yourselves useful and draft a clearance for the Crimes Act to be suspended, particularly the weasel clauses around murder, I mean they are looters after all, lower than pond scum.
  4. Obama offered support – how many beds can we get at “Gitmo”?
  5. Whaleoil is being too mean…..Looters – give them Community Service – “welcome to Greymouth boys, this is the Pike River Mine, walk this way…”

What do the readers think? Has Whaleoil become too mainstream by advocating to simply gut-shoot looters?