Know your looters

The names of two men who have been charged with looting generators have been released.

Two men arrested for allegedly stealing emergency power generators in earthquake-struck Christchurch have appeared in court.

The two men – 23-year-old Owen Anthony Jackson, a fisherman and Jed Wilson-Calver, 22, unemployed – were last night arrested after allegedly stealing three $6000 emergency power generators.

The generators, donated by TelstraClear, were being used to power roadside cabinets fed up to 500 landline and broadband customers.

Both were denied bail and remanded in custody to reappear on March 28.

They have probably been remanded in custody to protect them from being tarred and feathered then stoned to death. Instead of custody couldn’t some stocks be made from some recycled timber that is lying around all over the place.

The two skin-headed men waved offensive hand gestures at photographers and court staff and media present in a makeshift courtroom at the Christchurch Police Station.

Actually the stocks IS too good for them…back to gut-shooting I think.

Police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty said they would rather be focusing on finding the missing and supporting the injured and homeless but police will take a hard line against thefts, looting and profiteering.

Not as hard line as Genghis Khan would take, which given the circumstances would be acceptable.



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  • mikeman

    A pair of 5.56mm SS109 rounds fixes this problem.

    Hell I will even pay for them.

  • Nice one.

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  • whafe

    Put there balls in a vat of hot marmalade…………..

    Scum bags

  • jimmie

    Hmmm what about washing their eyes with lemon juice?

  • furrynz

    Looting is a terrible thing, but “….back to gut-shooting I think”? Really? Do you actually mean that? And you promote yourself as a Christian? Did you look up the “authoritive definition” of Christianity on some guy’s blog site called bee wax? We should be more tolerant as a society….which unfortunately also includes looters. Your website allows you to promote and steer ideas and thoughts. With this power comes some responsibility.
    By the process of deductive reasoning, what’s next? Ambush and assassinate drunk drivers outside the pub parking lot when they start their car engines?

  • mark72

    I don’t understand furrynz, why should we be tolerant of looters?

  • furrynz

    Have the cops deal with them …. in a civilised manner.

  • mikeman

    Look if they had nicked some food or water to support themselves or family then maybe I could have seen it.

    But we have two guys who nicked three generators that were being used to maintain core infrastructure during an emergency situation that had affected thousands of people. Someone who burgled the house of someone trapped in a fallen building (A little leery on this one as not sure what was nicked) and a lowlife scumbag who decided that now was a good time to nick a drum kit!!!

    Shoot them now, maybe that will stop further scumbags from doing the same thing.

  • mickrodge

    Well i’m no christian furrynz so I say “gut shoot” them. Or a couple of hours in a cage with a horny gorilla…i’m not bothered. Maybe we could chop off one of their hands & cauterise the stump…get all medieval on their ass?

    Of course all of this is emotive rhetoric & despite the emotions they will be dealt with in the proper legislative manner. More’s the pity but I guess that’s part of the package living in a tolerent civilised society.

    Remember these two clowns now have to navigate a month’s chokey before their next appearance. I can’t imagine they’ll be all that popular even inside the remand lockup.

  • peterwn

    furrynz – it is an emergency situation here. Shooting looters on sight has been deemed to be quite acceptable in a community under serious stress due to war, disasters etc. Even worse in this case they stole emergency related infrastructure which had immediate consequences for the whole community. Assassinating drunk drivers in pub car parks is not warranted in normal circumstances (although the high portion of the road toll ue to drunks could perhaps be regarded as an emergency).

    Conversely it would be reasonable for the cops to go easy on minor drunkedness, disorderly behaviour etc if the offenders immediately cooperate when confronted – given the generally stressful situation faced. It could be reasonable even to raise drink-drive alcohol levels by 30% temporarily (this could be done under the emergency legislation or the Police Commissioner allowing discretion).

  • furrynz

    …would love to hear more about your ideas on dealing with parents who tumble dry babies and investment bankers who steal old people’s money….NO, the current system is working fine….generators back in operation.

    • toaster

      furrynz we are not talking about those things we are talking about looters during one of the worst times in NZ history. Shoot the pricks during halftime at the first game back at AMI Stadium (Better the watching cheerleaders).

      • furrynz

        My point is where do you draw the line. Firstly, do all looting deserve this means of execution? Does stealing a snickers bar outside a dairy deserve the same punishment as “removing” a car radio from a damaged car….or swiping water from the new world for your baby back at your roofless home?
        Secondly, most of the cops only have tasers….should they teaser the individuals, go back to the lock box, return with the firearm and then shoot the person? Or should we, as you suggest, line them up during halftime, and shoot them? How about adding some prematch entertainment by having the zoo’s lions “play” with them first?
        Come on, how is this going to work? We have a system inplace, which from all accounts is working as per design….

        • toaster

          Good idea furrynz, Get the Lions ready

  • Check out the video at the foot of this post; another thieving opportunist miscreant caught in the act …

  • andrewcarrot

    Ms Collins brought in her Crusher Act to control ChCh pin-dick “boy” racers. A small amendment would allow the Act to be applied to these two and other Christchurch scum.

  • Mr Blobby

    I think the message people are trying to get across is that our Justice system does not work, it provides no deterrence to these scum at all in normal times. In times of emergency we don’t have the luxury of entertaining these fools. I for one would rather shoot the looter and get on with the business at hand, saving the lives of the victims.
    Our current justice system requires criminals and crime to justify its existence and like all good parasites it does not want to kill off the host.

  • clev
    • Mr Magister

      Oh clev, you just beat me to it ;-)

  • Mr Magister

    Ole Jed didn’t get the message last time:

    “You have $13,000 in fines, which gives some measure of your inclination towards responsibility,” said the judge.

    Wilson-Calver was appearing for the assault charge, stealing scrap metal from a yard, unlawfully interfering with a van, breach of community work, and breach of supervision.

  • thor42

    I fully agree with these scum being put in the stocks or having bullets through their heads.

    Since that’s unlikely to happen, however (unfortunately), there should be a new offence introduced into law – “aggravated theft”. This would be defined as theft within an area suffering from a disaster (quake, flood, eruption). The penalty for this crime would be (say) five years in prison – no time off for good behaviour. Take a generator like these sum did, and it would be made ten years.

  • roddandgunn

    I live around the corner for the city cordon

    I feel sorry for any looters that they catch now because the Queensland/NSW cops are starting to turn up. We all know how tolerant these guys are lol LOOTERS BEWARE
    Also I understand they have been “sworn in” as NZ police, that would have to be a first in NZ history

  • adrian

    Do we shoot the guy with bipolar disorder as well?