Public Relations Stunt Derailed

For months I have been imploring Len Brown to make good on his election pledges to take the train. He only started in January and then the Herald sprung him taking the train just the once. Again I implored Len Brown to start practicing what he preaches and so this week he did….and that was when everything started to go wrong for the Night-Mayor.

The Sunday Star-Times and Jonathan Marshall were waiting for him. The SST editor, being a good mate of Len’s, hasn’t seen fit to get the story online so as a public service I will publish the article here (pdf) for you to read. UPDATE: The editor must have been shamed into getting it online.

Len Brown's train pr stunt derails

Public transport for the Night-Mayor means three cars and a chauffer. Public transport for the Night-mayor means that your chauffer driven car and jump-start kit travel down the motorway beside you while you sit on the train. Public transport for the Night-Mayor means more than 110kms of travel by 3 cars for what should have been no more than 14km from the Night-mayors house to the station and back again.

Months ago, when Len Brown was banging on about public transpsort and how he was going to take the train, I thought, hmmm…I wonder if he will do what Michael Bloomberg did….and so I set about calling the Night-mayor to account for his speeches on train travel.

Little did I know that Len Brown is stupider than stupid and he would have his council car and driver travel in as well, down almost the same route as him. I couldn’t have wished for a more stupid passage of events. To top it all off having another staff member drive half across Auckland to “car pool” with him down to the station is equally stupid.

The complete joke of it all is that it would have all been repeated in reverse except without the train ride home, because I just bet Len Brown after being rumbled didn’t catch the train home again. I mean why would you bother, it was just a PR stunt anyway.

The only way Len Brown can make good on this fiasco now is for him to catch the train for real, at least twice a week, and without all the hangers on, and without the council car trundling down the motorway, and he needs to do that for the rest of his mayoralty. If he doesn’t do that then he is nothing but a dirty pinko hypocrite who thinks public transport is a good idea….for other people.


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  • paulus12

    Typical Socialist JERK. All lies and no substance.

    Go Len. Keep it up and people will soon come to understand that you are only a puppet dangling on a string.

    Unable to think outside your limited square.

  • whafe

    Whale Oil – Since when was Len Brown Noser going to be anything but – a dirty pinko hyp ocrite?

    Len Brown is about as useful as tits on a bull.

  • hagues
  • gaskranken

    Downtown Brown takes the train to town
    He takes the piss with his nice, new, shiny green crown
    He’s really just a cock, he’s really just a clown
    The wheels on the train go round and round
    through the south side of town
    caravans going cheap, enough room for five families,
    and you can pay on a five year plan
    Yay go Lenny, Yo he da Man…

  • whalewatcher

    Put him on the north-bound ramp at Manakau with a sign round his neck reading something like ‘I spent all your money on dinners and votes. Can I hitch a ride to Grey Street?’

    Then teach him how to hold his thumb – if you can pull it out of his lowest-most orifice

    (And if you can, it’ll come out – Brown)

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  • animalmother

    What can I add to any of that? Len Clown is certainly living down to my expectations of him.

  • bunswalla

    Many of us still remember in the late 70’s and early 80’s when Mayor Robbie used to walk to work every day from somewhere around Mission Bay I think. It was a decent walk anyway, and when it got cold in the winter he’d take his shirt off and walk bare-chested to show how hard he was. Good times, good times.