The Makeover of Phil Goff – Appealing to aliens

I can’t believe the amount of effort the Goff-ice has put in to providing makeovers for Phil Goff. Today I have been leaked the makeover destined to appeal to aliens.

The Coneheads’ most distinguishing feature is that the tops of their heads are shaped like large cones. Their unearthly appearance, however, is never strongly questioned—a point from which much of the humor was derived. It is this segue with voters we hope to achieve with Phil Goff’s Conehead makeover, Essentially Labour is like the Coneheads, a little unearthly and certainly not representative of ordinary New Zealand, however we need the media and the general electorate at large to gloss over this and talk about other things other than the leadership style of Mr Goff. The Conehead is perfect and also appeals to other physically deformed segments of society incorporating them into Labour along with all the other minority groups.

The makeover of Phil Goff - Conehead


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  • sandynobb

    Goof could achieve some real penetration if he uses his head.