The Secret Blackberry of Pearl Going age 23 3/4…

On Facebook there is a discussion between Pearl Going’s Blackberry and Pearl….very hilarious…it is all presented on screen shots of a Blackberry.

I have had an update on the situation with Kaimata as well.

It seems Pearl Going and/or her alter ego Julie Malcolm have tried to lay a complaint with Qualmark.

Pearl Going/Julie Malcolm called last Thursday to lay the complaint. The person at Qualmark advised to put it in writing.

Over the weekend he saw the Motella blog.

Pearl…or was it Julie… then called him again today to follow up on the complaint.

He recognised the voice called her out as Julie – well you know where this was all going.

Suffice to say they have binned the file.

Pearl needs to learn NFWAB.

Pearl Going's Blackberry - 1


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