Wednesday Weapons – .577 Tyrannosaur

The .577 Tyrannosaur or .577 T-rex is a type of cartridge developed by A-Square in 1993 for big game hunting in Africa. The .577 contains a .585-inch (14.9 mm) diameter 750-grain (49 g) Monolithic Solid Projectile which when fired moves at 2,460 ft/s (750 m/s) producing 10,180 foot-pounds force (13,800 J) of muzzle energy. The production model from A-square is based on their Hannibal rifle platform.


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  • johnboy

    The last Guy was the only one that held it correctly hence he controlled the recoil well.

    Having said that I will stick to the 7mmRemMag till I see a Dinosaur out in the scrub that needs a T-Rex to take it down.

  • Big Dummy

    577 Tyran owner here..  The “T-Rex” was a 4 bore double barrel rifle designed & built by Ken Owen.

    The rifle your speaking of, is the same as mine, an A-square HANNIBAL model (not T-rex) chambered in 577 Tyrannosaur.  There are other videos of people shooting it properly: