Why isn't Maggie Barry running in Rodney?

Maggie Barry attended event to for aspiring Rodney candidates to get their nominations signed. Two days later when nominations closed she did not submit her nomination.

Maybe her due diligence told her that New Zealand’s favourite grand-mother was not going to get through a rigged selection.

Sources close to Maggie are telling this blog that the whole event was rigged. Former South African Politician and Boer, Cehill Pienaar, apparently recused him self form the process, where it was taken over by Brent Robinson in what
can only have been a premediated move designed to intimidate the other candidates. Brent then suggested everyone should speak, without warning the other candidates first who were not expecting to have to speak. Obviously Brent had prepared and used this as a chance to intimidate the other candidates.

The party should wonder why someone as talented and with such a profile as Maggie Barry did not even go through the selection process. And as the tip line has been running hot since last nights post there are more stories of Brent and his fundamentalists friends attempts to take over the Rodney seat.


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  • titan

    What Church affiliation is Brent by the way?

  • I’m still not sure what the problem is. All is fair in love and politics. If you’re within the rules there’s no such thing as unfair, only such a thing as “we won, you lost, eat that”.

    I am not on the man’s side, far from it. Parliament needs more liberals, not less. But all the more reason to fight to win, not whine about people unprepared for public speaking. If you are unprepared for public speaking at short notice, you shouldn’t be an MP. All those people should have had a stump speech prepared and memorised ready to go. Far worse happens in the Labour Party all the time. Politics is not for the faint of heart.

    And what, we are supposed to feel sorry for Maggie Barry now?!

    • No problem on having a stump speech, no problem on being able to speak publicly, but this wasn’t a “meeting”, it was a coffee and chat to get signatures from members for nominations.

      By all accounts Maggie did well, I don’t feel sorry for her. Also the Electorate Chair is a bloody good fellow, fair and reasonable, it is just Brent Robinson is being a nasty piece of work…he has spent the past three months scaring off potential candidates when they go meet with Branch Chairs, including him, all the while planning to stand himself.

      I don’t mind a good stoush, far from it, but what I don’t like is the furtive-ness surrounding this sort of nonsense, and hence the disinfectant of sunlight. In the old days this stuff would go un-noticed. I think it is better for all that poor behaviour is outed for all to see.