Why Name Suppression can't work

Martin Devlin found out that it doesn’t work, plenty of others have too. Name Suppression just simply can’t and won’t work despite the best efforts of the elite in the legal fraternity to pretend they can make it work.

Sure I was convicted on 9 counts of breaching name suppression but the posts I was convicted of are all still there. All the charges and subsequent convictions did was focus even more attention on those who want to remain hidden or who are afraid of their own names. In the age of the internet it is almost impossible to suppress information. By charging me and convicting me they guaranteed that name suppression was breached and known to be breached by many more people than if they had just ignored my site. The police and the Solicitor-General made me relevant. I thank them for that.

Even though the Egyptian Government tried they still couldn’t really turn off the information flow. All this means, now, in the information age is that law makers are actually deluded in thinking they can control the flow of information.

This video about the Streisand Effect makes it real simple for them, since they seem incapable of the more complex explanations as to why censorship of our courts is undesirable.


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    Why do you keep swiping things of BoingBoing?

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      So he can concentrate on getting stuff for Kiwiblog to swipe from him! :-D

  • animalmother

    The judiciary keep forgetting there’s this quaint little notion we have in Western civilization generally, about justice not only being done, but being seen to be done.

  • Down wit this sorta ting!

    Careful now…