Another Interesting Name pleads guilty

And so the Comedian, after protesting his innocence long and hard finally fesses up in the court.

The Judge continued his name suppression though in order to protect the child…isn’t that too late?

How about protecting the other kids out there?

At least the Comedian can now tell his funny jokes in prison. I bet his cell mates wouldn’t think they were too funny if they ever get to know why he is in there and that he is now a convicted pedo.


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  • layout

    What – no time behind bars?
    “The plea bargain, struck between lawyers behind closed doors at the Auckland District Court, will ensure the man is spared a jail sentence. ”
    “His suppression would be reviewed at the time of sentencing but will almost certainly continue”

    How can not identifying this person protect others from him. Being drunk is not a defense moreover having cash, good family support or great lawyer friends should not remove our right to know who he is and for him to actually receive real consequences for what he has done.

  • tiptoes

    Thought you might have more to say about this subject…

  • steamspecial

    I have forgotten this buggers name………it will come to me

    • freddaggg

      [Removed by WO]. I live in Switzerland.

      [WO: You might live in Switzerland but I don’t and they will come for me. Unless you send me about $5000 to cover my legal fees then don’t do it]

  • lulu

    Just echoing tiptoes:

    What up Cam? Why so restrained in this case?

    • Send me $5k for my legal bills plus another $1k for the fine and I’ll think about it

  • steamspecial

    yep I remembered wasn’t hard to fine…………………

    • thrasher147

      How do I find itn then, any hints, is it still in archives, if so whaich one…

      Hey Whale, if you have been fined for it once can you be done again for the same person?

  • lulu

    Right. I had wondered whether there was something about this particular case but if that is the issue I understand.

    • Actually I have already been convicted of naming him.

  • excuseme

    “Judge Philippa Cunningham indicated she would not impose a custodial sentence when the man next appears before the court on May 26.” NZPA

  • kram

    I live next door to a bloke the Mongrel mob labeled a “Kiddiefucker” after this person attempted to employ a Mob prostitiutes and her child for sexual gratrifacation.

    He took out a tresspass notice on me after he got frightened i might give him the bash. it was served on me by the local cop.

  • count

    I’m all for stringing up the kiddie fiddlers, but in this case I’m wondering if its not so black and white.
    Looking at the side of the story that made the press, I could see how he could have made a drunken mistake and his stupid (ex?) wife overreacted and created something from nothing that will screw the rest of this guys life.
    Then again, he could be a pedo, in that case, fuck him!

    • So pissed that he couldn’t tell the difference between a grown woman and a four-year old? No; that’s no defence. And now he’s going to walk away without serving time. Is it any wonder that right-thinking people are prepared to break the law to expose a creep like this?

  • titanuranus

    No name suppression for this piece of shit with the very apt name,

    Should line these scum up and shoot `em.

  • u mmmmmm

  • johnqpublic

    Inventory, not excusing anything but the kid was 12. I suspect there’s more to this one than meets the eye. What was his relationship with the mother like at the time of the incident? I suspect a little discordant.

  • beachlife

    johnqpublic, the main media reports at the time all said the girl was four years old, and none said she was 12, nor have I seen anything since that said she was 12, so I’d say Inventory is right. It was the guy’s own daughter, so it wasn’t like he’d have no idea there’s a 4 year old sleeping in a bed somewhere in the house. The old ‘it was the booze’ doesn’t wash with me. He didn’t notice that he was getting it on with a preschooler? Yeah, right. No sympathy whatsoever. The booze probably just helped him drop his guard and behave how he wanted to – molesting a four year old. If the relationship with the wife wasn’t going well, quite frankly not surprising, given the guy’s ‘urges’. The name is still all over the internet for anyone using the right search term to find in a few seconds – the name supression thing is a joke (as usual). And the non-custodial sentence – so it’s not such a bad thing to force yourself on a pre-schooler so long as you’re drunk?

    • shrimp

      Hi, I was wondering are you able to let me know what the ‘right search term is?’ I keep coming up with zilch. Thanks.

      • shrimp

        Having dedicated 30 minutes of my life to searching the internet – I have found it.