Blessed with choice

Labour face a real problem. When Darren Hughes finally accepts that his position is untenable and not even Helen Clark can save him, they have to pick a new List MP from the following in this order:

38 Judith Tizard – Anti-MMP campaigners wet dream

39 Mark Burton – a man so useless even Helen Clark fired him and no one in Taupo could stomach him in local body politics either.

40 Mahara Okeroa – Who?

41 Martin Gallagher – Beaten by Tim MacIndoe…need I say more

42 Dave Hereora – Union thug

43 Louisa Wall – Unlikeable Maori dyke, not even the Rainbow Labour faction likes her

44 Lesley Soper – The sole remaining pro-life campaigner in the Labour party and long haired hippy

45 Clare Curran

46 Grant Robertson

47 Chris Hipkins

48 Iain Lees-Galloway

49 Brendon Burns

50 Hamish McCracken – perennial loser, couldn’t win a raffle at a bowling club

So if they have a deal with Judith Tizard for her NOT to come back to parliament, the price has just gone up. If she sticks with their deal then Labour have six more even worse options if that were at all possible.


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  • peterwn

    One other option – replace Chris Carter’s single bench in the rear left hand corner with a double bench and put him there until November.

  • giblet

    Love your commentary Whale – brilliant !

    That Louisa Wall is nasty piece of work – watched her as a guest panelist on one of those weekend TV political shows before she was selected for the life-long safe seat of Manurewa. Had a really arrogant unpleasantness about her in an environment where one usually expects people to be trying to make the best impression to the greatest number of people.

  • peterwn

    giblet – Labour seems to have a knack of attracting that sort of person into its ranks.

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