Phil Goff is seriously deluded:

Labour leader Phil Goff has said the Darren Hughes affair has “strengthened” his leadership.

The senior MPs met for more than three hours this morning to discuss the Hughes fiasco, earthquake recovery and the sell-off of state owned assets.

The 11 MPs all presented a united front as they arrived at Dunedin’s Otago University this morning. All expressed support for Goff’s leadership.

And they have just emerged from the meeting flanking Goff as he declared they have his support.

Goff said they had a “constructive” discussion about his handling of the Hughes saga.

Labour was plunged into turmoil by Hughes’ resignation last week after a sex complaint was laid with Wellington police and it emerged that Goff had known about it for two weeks before it was made public.

Goff is a fool. There is no one, not a soul except Goff himself who think that he has performed well in dealing with the Darren Hughes affair. If Phil Goff thinks he has performed well then National will certainly not want him rolled. It is no wonder that I am receiving imploring emails from senior National party sources telling me to go easy on him.

Chris Trotter thinks that Labour should roll him with a powerful post recalling echos of 1990.

The very worst time to organise a leadership spill is when a general election is just months or weeks away. It smacks of desperation and panic – neither of which speak well of a party’s readiness to govern. The only justification for such self-destructive political behaviour is the reason of necessity. Making an active choice to do something bad, rather than allowing a passive choice to permit something much, much worse to happen.

This was the choice the Labour Party made eight weeks out from the 1990 general election when the caucus allowed Helen Clark to persuade it to abandon Geoffrey Palmer in favour of Mike Moore. It wasn’t that Ms Clark believed Mr Moore could win the election, merely that the polling data suggested that Mr Palmer was likely to lose it much more comprehensively. Giving Mr Moore eight weeks to weave his working-class battler magic on Labour’s deeply disillusioned voters simply made more sense than allowing Mr Palmer to drag his party into an electoral abyss from which it might never emerge.

With great reluctance I have come to the conclusion that Labour faces a similar choice in 2011. The scandal surrounding Darren Hughes (which shows every sign of getting a lot worse before it gets any better) has, I believe, fatally infected the leadership of Phil Goff and Annette King. While they remain at the head of Labour’s parliamentary team, controversy of a particularly distasteful nature will continue to, in Helen Clark’s memorable phrase, “swirl around them”. Questions relating to the soundness of their judgement will, fairly or unfairly, give way to questions relating to the quality of their ethics. New Zealanders will forgive a great deal in their politicians, but they will not vote for a party they believe to be morally compromised.

Trotter is dead right. Goff is finished, if it wasn’t for the cowardice of the rest of his caucus his corpse should be feeding the crows in the political gibbet. Duncan Garner has no such qualms comparing Goff’s leadership in this fiasco to the positions of Kings Cross hooker:

Labour’s decision to hang on to Leader Phil Goff after his woeful management of the Darren Hughes affair shows the caucus is clueless, gutless and talentless. And most of all, they have no collective balls.

If there was ever a time to roll Goff, it is now.

They have seven days before the next caucus to find a runner and present Goff with a letter saying he has lost the support and confidence of the caucus. If necessary, put it to a vote.

But it seems the caucus has chosen not to do that. It’s a defeatist and hopeless position to be in. Labour MPs appear divorced from reality.

Describing Labour’s caucus as having no balls essentially describes them as a bunch of pussys.

The Hughes scandal was always going to be a train wreck – 18 year old teenager, senior whip, alleged sexual encounter, Annette King’s house, police investigation, naked man etc.

Come on – what leader in their right and sane mind could think for one second that in Wellington that would stay secret?

Exactly! Yet Phil Goff still shows up on TV grinning like the village retard and mouthing words he clearly doesn’t believe. This has to be the case because he changes his story so often that now nothing he says can be believed.

Goff has so many questions he can’t answer. He looks like he’s stumbling around in a pitch black bedroom trying to put on his pyjamas. He’s got more positions than a King’s Cross hooker.

That is the nub of the problem for Goff, he has so many positions that no one believes a word he says any more, if journalists can’t believe him then why should voters.

Phil Goff: No one has criticised my leadership


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  • michaels

    In a lifetime of fucking Sunday’s I never thought I’d like what that cunt Garner wrote.
    Must be time to start drinking again.

  • michaels

    What’s the world fucking coming too!?!?!
    Agreeing with Garner and Jac’s is close to being laid….. again.

  • grizz

    Goff has shown himself to be so inconsistent and full of shit over this that nothing he says can be trusted from now on. Ever. That is sad. We need a credible opposition and right now their leader cannot be trusted to organise a piss-up in a brewery. Sadly, this is going to see the return of that emphysematous, chain smoking liar Winston the ffuckwit Peters.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    If ever there was a better time to roll Goff, it’s now. A new leader could campaign, and even if they lose, they could state that it is ongoing damage from the last leader, thus surviving a savage beating at the polls.

    But who amongst that rabble could do that?

    • abjv

      Get the guy from the TV ads that spins the lottery wheel at intersections. Put each MP’s name on it (except Phil’s). Spin the wheel. Whoever’s name is at the top when the crash happens is the new leader.

      Get a Tui billboard. Put the MP’s name from above on it. Follow this with a colon and the words “Fully supported by the party”. Leave the “yeah right” on the billboard but replace the Tui logo with Helen’s face.


      They’re looking a lot like NSW Labor, aren’t they?

      • gaskranken

        It would be good abjv if someone had the skills to put that together on line so we could all have a go at spinning the wheel while trying to pick how much the party are going to crash by in the polls and Cam you could do the ensuing bill board mate.

        • abjv

          I thought of an ipad app. Turn the thing to the left and the wheel rotates left, turn it right and it rotates right, shake it a few times and it spins round and round and picks a new leader at random.

          Problem is they’re changing their MPs too fast and you’d never keep up with the updates.

  • daveg

    Goff must be delusional. I think a deal has been done, he’ll retire after getting trounced in the election, then they’ll promote…………fuck I can’t think of anyone.

  • roger

    Cam you seem looser than normal, a good gun review could relax you, just a thought
    PS fidlingson???? the national lawyer MP the trougher for the maori whow he is going to get really rich as the maoris lawyer HES A QUEER, you know, can you confirm whats with queers and politics?????, um the word gay in the recent past meant happy, im not pc gay means queer ,no babies have ever come out of an arse

    • dannyboy

      I’d bet serious money that you came out of an arse, roger.

  • daveg

    You seem lost Roger, the uneducated redneck fuckwit page is called “red alert”

  • mickrodge

    Come on Roger, you know nothing good has ever come out of drinking this early in the afternoon.

  • trevormallardsucksmyballs

    roger – are you spud? ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • steve

    “And they have just emerged from the meet­ing flank­ing Goff as he declared they have his support”
    Hang about. I thought this was about the 11 MPs supporting Goff, not Goff showing support for his Labour MPs. Who gives a shit who Goff supports? Delusional? much more than delusional I’m afraid

  • cadwallader

    Goff is dead and beginning to get smelly. I can understand his caucus not wishing to toss him out as the new leader is due for a hiding in November. He’ll go in early 2012. I haven’t a clue who’ll get the leadership and after a week of listening to Labour bullshit courtesy of Goff I don’t care.
    PS Is Roger (above) a Goff supporter?

  • gaskranken

    The only thing that has been strengthened is the juice to the elements toasting his arse.

    I see Goof-E on checkpoint just now is trying the Sharkey approach to the incisive interview

    Tell a wee joke, have a wee laugh, try and sound really smarmy and cocky, yeah that’ll work Goof.

    Anyone see the Trace Hodgson cartoon with Labour as the Disney show? Fucking brilliant!!!!

  • gaskranken

    Just curious, precisely how many positions would that be that are offered by those Kings Cross hookers Cam?

  • thor42

    Goof makes Bill Rowling (remember him?) look like a T. Rex.

  • nojustice

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    [WO: I repeat Vince, or Big Vinny or whatever gay nickname you want to call yourself. I am the sole arbiter of who breaks name suppression on this blog, not you. So take your crusade elsewhere]

  • nojustice

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    I thought you were interested in news events involving the govt

    • Keep trying to ring Laws nojustice; I’m sure he’d love to cut you off again.

    • On this blog I have a monopoly on everything. It’s my place and my rules. Don’t like that fuck off.

      You have a real cheek coming here and breaking the law and expecting me to take the consequences. The only person who decided is I will risk that is me, not you, not anyone else.

      You want to break name suppression then go right ahead on YOUR website.