Dog bites fool

Good job is all I can say

A drunken man who thought it would be a good prank to pull a dog’s tongue has suffered serious facial injuries after the dog bit his mouth.

The 39-year-old National Park resident was partying at a friend’s house on Wednesday when he grabbed the large crossbreed dog and held it down while trying to grab its tongue.

The dog managed to free itself and lunged at the man’s face, biting the corners of his mouth, Constable Conrad Smith said.

The man was taken to Taumarunui Hospital and later flown to Waikato Hospital. He was in a stable condition last night, a hospital spokeswoman said.

“He had lost a lot of blood,” Mr Smith said. “It is likely he will need cosmetic surgery to repair the wounds.”

The dog was impounded overnight but returned yesterday to its owner, whose house the party was held in.

Hope it hurt.

Good to see the dog was returned, they must have a sensible copper down that way. I imagine he couldn’t stop laughing at the fool who got bit though.



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  • marcw

    And everyone else will be paying for this tosser’s medical treatment for now and the months to come. This is one of the weaknesses of the ACC insurance – there is no responsibility on those who intentionally cause injury, but we all pay in the end.

  • spk18

    Yeah I agree marcw – that said without ACC we would all be footing the bill for the extra courthouses, judges and support staff to provide forums for the inevitable tribe of ambulance chasing lawyers to perform. Perhaps its the lesser of two evils?

  • titanuranus

    Rarely a day goes past, that a headline in the paper doesn`t make me check that it isn`t April 1st.