Don't mess with retired cops or Casey

Retired cops who just want to eat their Maccas in peace.

A retired Burbank police officer shot and killed an armed robber Friday at a McDonald’s in Sunland, Los Angeles police said.

The shooting occurred around 10:47 a.m. when an armed man walked into the restaurant on Foothill Boulevard and attempted to rob the clerks at gunpoint, said Officer Greg Baek of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The retired Burbank officer then fatally shot the robber, Baek said.

Los Angeles police detectives were investigating.

or fat kids who have had enough of the bullying.

The original story and video has gone viral. As is usual the hand-wringing panty-waists think the response of the victim is appalling. I am not one of those. Casey – the fat kid took two shots to the face and a couple to the guts before he reacted, and when he did he stopped the bullying and walked away.

The hand-wringers are pathetic:

THE virus-like spread of a video showing a bullying attack and retaliation in a western Sydney middle school may be glorifying and even encouraging violence in the schoolyard, a leading bullying expert has warned.

The video, watched by thousands of people on Facebook and YouTube, shows a slightly built 12-year-old student antagonising a larger 16-year-old, punching him in the face as a friend records it on his mobile phone and at least four other students watch.

Suddenly the 16-year-old grabs the other boy and throws him head-first on to the concrete. There is a cracking sound as the 12-year-old’s ankle connects with a timber bench.

Oh FFS, imagine the outrage if kids started standing up for themselves and bullies got a hiding once in a while. Oh the calamity oh the outrage. Of course we could always imagine the worst couldn’t we? Let’s draw illogical conclusions from imagined extrapolated events.

The mob has spoken on the latest bullying outrage, and I’m finding it hard to disagree with them. Piers! Janet! Miranda! Alan! Is there room up on that right wing bandwagon for one more?

Like half the country, I watched the video yesterday of some poor doofus at a Sydney school getting taunted and bullied until he snapped and body slammed his tormentor, and like most everyone else I had a lot of trouble digging any sympathy biscuits out of the bottom of the barrel for the kid who got his come uppance. Or slam downance. Or whatever.

It’s wrong. I know it’s wrong. I know it sends completely the wrong message about bullying and how to handle it, but like everyone who’s been streaming online to high five ‘Casey’ the body slammer, and to then smash the school and the Education Department and the crumbling edifice of western society for punishing Casey after he stood up for himself, I can’t help but feel a rush of admiration for the kid.

Yep good on him for smashing the bully. Bet he won’t pick on fat kids again anytime soon. If John birmingham who wrote the piece above had stopped there then it would ahve been a great article, but he doesn’t he then goes on to invent all sorts of homo theories as to why poor casey should have just sucked it up some more.

Well fuck that. Bullies should be laid out flat, hard. What the panty-waists seem to forget is that Casey sucked it up and sucked it up and then he ended it. If Skinny white bully had not tormented and punched Casey int he first place then his body-slam would have been un-necessary.

Getting smacked over is the consequence of skinny white bully’s actions. Tough luck. Learn the lesson.


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  • zork

    Casey should have finished with a Body Bomb,


  • cadwallader

    What really adds to Casey’s honour is that he did what he had to, then walked away. Good on him!

  • I was surprised, after posting this video of Casey on my FB page the other day, to see a couple of comments from people that were upset about the injuries that he may have caused to the little twirp that had been bullying him.

    If that awful child had any physical injuries from his little body slam – they will heal in a few days. The emotional injuries that can be caused by bullying can last a lifetime.

    The real shame here is that apparently Casey has put up with this for years, an no adult had stepped in and put a stop to it, before he got to the stage where he retaliated.

    • cadwallader

      Maybe if someone had stepped-in the bullying wouldn’t have ended as another bully is likely to have homed in on Casey. All in all this is an ideal outcome as it is to be doubted whether Casey will be targeted again and the obnoxious little shit will be wary of being an obnoxious little shit in the future.

      • I completely agree – and also agree with how amazing it was that he just walked away after. I think Casey might be safe from bullies now. lol

  • titanuranus

    The reality is that the fucking psychologists are the problem ,not the fucking solution.
    I would like to see some moronic counselor talk their way out of a situation whilst they are being assaulted.
    Seems to me with all their bullshit anti-bullying programs the problem is worse than ever in our schools.

  • Ciaron

    I bet the 12yr old’s Sensei wont be too happy either… Good lesson though; Don’t start what you can’t finish.

  • jimmie

    Where did the stupid idea come from that violence is never the answer to anything?
    It was the answer in this situation just as it is in the following examples:

    Some freak attacking a chick and she pepper sprays him.
    Some nutcase threatens hostages and the cops shoot him dead.

    Some jumped up corporal decides that he doesn’t like jews and wants to rule the world and the rest of the world go to war against him.

    A three year old snotbag throws a tantrum coz he cant get his own way and gets a short sharp whack on the bum.

    Plenty of other examples but nah stupid PC morons squeal oooo no cant have violence better to have a family conference and tell the bully that he’s ok we all Understand.

    • titanuranus

      Platitudes Jimmie, the sniveling PC lefties love them,stops them having to think .

      Bullies are victims too,2 wrongs don`t make a right ,violence leads to more violence and all that sort of lefty dribble.

      Sometimes,as Casey found out, you just have to sort a problem out by yourself,and good on him this encounter will have given him all sorts of self esteem and confidence a life time of counselling never would.

  • chiefsfan73

    This has had heaps of coverage in Oz. The greatest irony is that it is an epic fail for both the [email protected]#kwit kid, and his mate. They thought they were going to show some poor kid getting a beat down, and the tables got turned.

    To those who want to hug bullying away, this is a big [email protected]#k you. The effects of bullying last an entire lifetime. This kid was only claiming what was rightfully his, his self esteem and the right to live his life free of bullying and harrassment.

    All those tut tutters should piss right off, as for years their kind had let this happened, they had abrogated their responsibility to protect the vulnerable in favour of hugathons and group masturbation.

  • SFNS strikes again – the would be bully is “Ritchard”.

  • chiefsfan73

    Shot Frontrower. I note that some halfwit felt pity for the small lad “he could have broken his neck”, given his lack of remorse for his torment, that Casey didn’t is probably the greater tragedy.

  • cadwallader

    A friend of one of my sons went to Palmerston North Boys’ High School about a decade ago. In his Yr 9 there was a large lad who was a bit mentally slow. He was picked on by all and sundry and especially by the sports jocks in the 6th/7th form.It occurred practically on a daily basis and extended to any bold Yr 9 boy who tried to intervene. A junior monster in the 6th form, who was given the adoration of the senior school, masters, trustees etc,,, due to his being in both the first XI and first XV was a particular perpetrator of the torments inflicted on the large lad referred to above. About halfway through the year the large lad had obviously had enough and retaliated to the extent that he smashed the bully sufficiently that his rugby days for the rest of that winter were over. Anyway the Principal at the time, another mindless self-important bully, expelled the VICTIM. The Principal left the school shortly after and is not in the teaching business any longer. The point is: If the victim doesn’t fit the image of the school an instance of bullying is an ideal opportunity to clean out the school. Never mind that both boys parents’ taxes were paying for what was intended to pass as an education. I am concerned that Casey will suffer a similar fate. The large lad is no longer alive but the bully is and works as a senior public servant in Canberra. Great eh?

  • jmac

    I was a Casey of sorts when I was younger. Big, but not very athletic. Shy, and not particularly popular. I was also partially deaf, and thankfully many of the guys in my year were sensitive to that.

    Well, back when I was about 11, I got continually bullied for being deaf by 2 guys. Mostly, I just ignored them and walked off. One day I was pretty down after being called a, “stupid deaf thing.” or something to that effect by a much smaller kid. A couple guys in my class found out and went and told my teacher to deal with it.

    The teacher was a 6’7 former provincial level lock. He went to the bully’s teacher, and brought the kid infront of my class and basically cross-examined him until he confessed and burst into tears. Then he made him apologise to me, telling him if he ever did something like that again there would be trouble.

    And that, as they say, was that. So simple, yet effective. I fear today most teachers wouldn’t dare do something like that. Such men probably wouldn’t bother with primary school teaching.

    • cadwallader

      I agree with your surmise about teachers. Thanks to their union they are no more a profession than being an MP.

      jmac: I wonder whether had you hit the bully if that would have killed off the practice? Anyway it is nice to hear of a decent ending.

      • jmac

        I’m not sure, possibly. I don’t think I really viewed retaliation as an option at 10-11.

        I remember by 3rd form I’d got quite big and strong. An absolute idiot of a kid saw me limping a bit on a rolled ankle and came over and started taunting me, and then kicked it a few times. I wasn’t about to chase him. He came in for another kick, I grabbed him and threw him backwards over a waist-high fence. That ended that.

        However, come 6th form I was 6’4 and 115k. Got punched in the face while sitting down (after one mocking comment too many made me return the favour). All I did was grab his collar and push him out of the way as he was coming back for another punch. He whined to the dean that I could have seriously hurt him. Sure enough, we both got the same punishment. I guess I was supposed to keep getting hit. Seems logical.
        These days, he’s reasonably well known in the public square. Hopefully matured a bit.

  • Violence / agression works. I have seen bullying as a High School teacher and from the perspective of a parent. As a child my natural aggression protected me from sharing the fate of some other girls.
    As a girl my mother made it very clear that I was not allowed to hit even to defend myself. This was difficult as I am naturally an aggressive person who is not easily intimidated by anyone no matter their size. A would be bully every day she arrived to our form class would roughly push me off the desk that I was sitting on, usually from behind.
    After a week of this I got up and stood in her personal space, face to face toe to toe with an aggressive look on my face. She shoved me over and over away from her and I kept getting back up and eyeballing her till she gave up. It never happened again.

    As a teacher I had a lovely girl in my class who was bullied continually by a group of girls for being gay. I told her to whack them but she was scared that she would be expelled. I went to see the Deputy Principal for advice and was gob smacked when she told me that the girl brought the bullying on herself for being so obviously gay. The DP was a woman!

    As a parent WO and I withdrew our son from a primary school where he was constantly bullied by one known bully. They acknowledged that the bully had problems and was having counseling etc but blamed my son’s readiness to cry when hurt on encouraging the bullies behaviour. They were glad when we left because they were sick of me complaining about it. Ironically our son’s best friend then became the new target. The best friends mother had to my face blamed my son for encouraging the bully. I expected her to change her tune when her son became the target but she instead blamed my son for leaving and making her son’s life a misery because he was now the target. Before my son left he finally retaliated as we had been telling him to. of course he was caught and punished. The bully however who had assaulted our son many many times was NEVER EVER punished. Not even ONCE!

  • P.S you know how the PC brigade tell you to use your words to stop bullies?

    Well they didn’t anticipate parents like Wo and I.
    We gave our son the following words to use.
    ” When God was giving out brains you thought he said trains and asked for a slow one ”

    It was way more effective than saying ” stop it I don’t like it ” LOL

    In fact the 8 year old bully was so upset at the time that he hid under his desk!

  • cadwallader

    The more I read this post and the comments hereto, the more I am filled with admiration for Casey and contempt for those (elsewhere) who question what may have happened.

    Casey is thus far the best candidate for “Australian of the Year 2011.”

    Thanks WO for bringing this incident to my family’s attention.

  • thor42

    Yep, Casey rules! He definitely did the right thing, sticking up for himself. Being non-P.C. works!
    If you want to see the damage that “political correctness” has caused, look at the U.K. There, the government and media have been utterly captured by the left, and complaints about Islamic schools there teaching violence and hatred (and the thousands of Muslim immigrants crowding out the locals) fall on deaf ears. Muslims can “do no wrong” over there, and here I suspect too.

    • yes the P>C infection is spreading.
      It first came to my attention at my daughters Kindy.

      Playdough was BANNED because using flour was OFFENSIVE to other cultures as it was wasting perfectly good food.

      The half apple with a candle in it for the kids 5th birthday on their last day of school was also BANNED.

      For F***ks Sake. I have never felt more angry or frustrated. I couldn’t beleive that this was the NZ I grew up in.

      I fought it but the other mothers caved and the Kindy head teacher would not budge.

      • Bloody hell SB. Sounds like you picked the wroooong kindy! And sounds like one more reason I made the right choice staying in Australia to raise Miss Five. At her kindy, they have new play dough every couple of weeks, and have (real) cupcakes to celebrate birthdays. The teacher isn’t a raving leftie looney, and even if she were the kindy is run by the Parents’ Committee so basically the parents make the rules (not that that always works out the way a sensible person like me would want it to). They are even allowed to sing Christmas songs at Christmas time!

        Your story just adds to the list of reasons why New Zealand is lost, and the sooner the revolution starts the better.

        Oh and incidentally, this Casey kid is my new hero.

  • sthnjeff

    I suffered from Bullyinh at school, mainly because I never fit the stereotype! I eas 6’4″ when in the 4th four and disliked rugby. I was constantly badgered by Reugby head teachers about being a waste etc etc and this led to the same thing happening from Rugby playing students with the Bullying turning to punching, kicking etc. I just tended to ignore it for probably the best part of a year and eventually like Casey, I just snapped, the kid who had hit me just happened to be in the first fifteen, and of course a prefect…Well about a years worth of anger came forth and long story short this dickhead finished with a broken nose and fractured eye socket, and you guessed it, it was me who was suspended, despite several members of staff being aware of and turning a blind eye to what had been happening. I was not particularly proud of what I did to him but shit it felt good and when I wasallowed back at school after the stand down, there was never a problem again.

  • bunswalla

    This is flat out the best story of the year so far. I was bullied for a short time as a new kid joining a school half way through the year at age 7 or 8. After a few weeks of being picked on I asked the guy why he picked on me. He said “because you’re easy.” The next time he saw me and had a go, I wasn’t easy in fact I gave him a better whack than he gave me. That was the last time he bullied me, he wanted to be friends after that but I didn’t.

    The tragedy for Casey is that he was suspended from the school too – he should have been congratulated at assembly for standing up for himself with the video playing in the background. The girl who intervened to stop the bully’s mate from chasing Casey should be congratulated too.