Friday Firepower – Steyr Aug Marksmanship game

via The Firearm Blog

I read The Firearm Blog everyday, today I found this awesome game. Be warned it is very addictive and also hard. discovered a fun web-based flash game based on the New Zealand Army’s marksmanship training.

steyr aug 1 tm tfb Steyr AUG Marksmanship web game photo



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  • michaels

    Made it to level 4. Might try later but bloody work interfering!!

  • pidge

    Luckily, had some downtime at work available.

    Level 14 is a complete pr*ck (got 19.15 so far, so close), as well as the previous 250m, 4 hit 7 second, 20 points required to advance level (12).

  • pidge

    Whoops, just managed level 14, and got the bull’s eye at 300m badge to boot!

  • P1LL

    The seven second rounds are the worst ! I’m only 60 points off being on the bottom of the leader board , but this 2nd round of 7 second shots has got me [email protected]$ked
    Thanks Cam , its a great way to waste the day ;)

  • bigkev

    stuck on level 12…… all day, 757.26 points, 2 badges to go, got any 7 sec advice anyone

  • Double tap fast…you can do it..but on the exhale then move quick to the second target and double tap..don’t worry about the last shot being accurate, just on the paper