Goff doesn't trust his caucus

I was watching Breakfast this morning and after getting the transcript it confirmed something that I picked up.  Clearly all is not well in the Labour camp, because this morning he basically said he did not trust his Caucus.  This augurs well for their chances of forming a cohesive Government.

CORIN DANN:     Andrew Little, is your – have you got a good relationship with Andrew Little, your president?

PHIL GOFF: Yeah, I have got a good relationship with Andrew, yeah.

CORIN DANN:     You said that – you – I’m curious. You said that it was a caucus matter this, and that’s why you didn’t tell him about the incident. But I recall being in parliament that presidents usually went to caucus meetings. I mean, why…

PHIL GOFF: That’s right.

CORIN DANN:     … wasn’t he mention… mentioned.

PHIL GOFF: Because I didn’t mention this to caucus and I didn’t mention it to him. And that was in line with my belief that the police needed to get on and do the job that’s their responsibility without interference…

CORIN DANN:     How could it be a caucus matter and then you didn’t even tell caucus?

PHIL GOFF: Well because, the fact of the matter is, if this had been spread out amongst a wider group of people, then it would have defeated what I believed was right and proper in the situation

Once again Phil Goff multiple positions on anything is exposed and this time in the short space of a couple of sharp questions by Corin Dann. Meanwhile in Dunedin, Labour has a meeting that has all the hallmarks of Silence of the Lambs. Dunedin Rising. Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?

Phil Goff on his leadership


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Goff has been a loyal and true friend to Darren Hughes through this entire sordid matter.


    Even posting a message of support on Facebook. However, he should have distanced himself from this matter, openly and publically. That he did not belies the 30 years of parliamentary experience he has.

    He has also betrayed his trust in his own caucus, and trust works both ways. It is also possible that Goff has no trust in his caucus to begin with, and these people want to be government?

    • sandynobb

      Methinks that Goff has been spoofed on FB – ‘Phill’ vs Phil

  • giblet

    On a related matter, I’d like to know why these MP’s are meeting in Dunedin? I mean they all have offices and meeting rooms available at Parliament, and permanent lodgings in Wellington.

    How many tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money is been spent on airfares, taxis, meals and accommodation for Labour to meet in Dunedin??

  • norbert

    i have aqfew questions thsat nobody seems to be asking;
    namely, why did this young man get on the turps with a guy everyone in Welly knew is gay, and why go back to his place with him in the wee small hours, did he think he was going to look at Darren’s etchings? but most of all HOW AND WHY DID HE GET NAKED??

    unless Darren spoiked his drink and stripped him naked himself, then what could the guy possible be complaing to the police about?

  • abjv

    If I was him I wouldn’t trust his caucus either. Most of them owe allegiance not to Phil or the party, but Herr in New York. Thats who they run to every time something goes wrong. Carter talked it over with here, the J-bomb wanted her advice first etc etc

    The main difference between Clark and Muldoon is that Muldoon new when it was over. I suspect Helen’s life time ambition is to sit out her 5 years in NY then come back and become labour leader again.

  • symgardiner

    Did anyone else think that Phil Goff sounded like Winston in this interview??? Scary!

  • middleagedwhiteguy


    Hughes invited the young chap in for tea and gingernuts.