Goff was wrong?

Phil Goff admitted yesterday that he got it wrong on the Richard Worth affair.

Yesterday, as criticism of his management of the latest scandal grew, he admitted he had mishandled the Worth affair: “I think I’ve learnt one or two things about the complexity of these situations. I am going to be the first to admit that I was wrong in the judgment that I made at that time.”

Well, hindsight is always 20/20 so no surprises there. However it just smacks of desperation in saying that.

It does however focus on another issue. An issue that seems lost on many commentators and media alike.

If Goff is so stupid/dim/retarded as to not understand the complexities of an issue as simple as a rooting MP getting caught #pantsdown then how can he really expect us to ever vote for him to take the big chair and handle…oh I don’t know…let me a think…an earthquake…or perhaps a global financial recession…what about handling a coal mine disaster?

This is just another example of why Phil Goff is unsuited to lead Labour into the election.

The beauty of the coup plotters pitch is that when it all goes horribly wrong and they lose the election they can point to all this and say Goff, Hughes and King are to blame for the electorate turning off listening to Labour.



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  • abjv

    No, Phil got it wrong this time, he was right last time. As soon as it appears there is substance to the issue, the MP involved is going to be the target of media attention and distract (severely) from the issues you want the media focussing on. Best if they fall on their sword temporarily (or get told to) a la Jones and Heatley.

    Here it looks awfully like Phil’s and Annette’s judgement was clouded either by personal friendship, or the desparate need for votes in Caucus.

    Also telling is ‘the leadership team knew’ and 3-hats saying he didn’t. Either 3-hats has distinct difficulty with the truth, or Phil does not consider the party president as part of the leadership team. Not a happy ship, me-thinks.