Have Labour given up completely?

Have the Labour Party given up completely? Are they really behind their leader or are they just pretending they are until the election is over? It would appear so.

On First Line (TV3’s breakfast news show) Duncan Garner said that he spoke to a senior MP about the Goff/Hughes debacle and whether or not there would be a leadership coup.

What was the senior Labour MP’s response? “Phil can take the bullet for this in the 2011 election.” (So much for everyone being behind him)

Wow! What a bunch of gutless wonders.

They are completely failing at their job as an opposition and are not even trying anymore.

What kind of defeatist attitude is this? Why would anyone want to vote for a party that has given up, let alone with such a crap leader.

The whole caucus are a bunch of wimps. They have a chance to roll Goff and try and claw back some credibility and yet they are too gutless to do so. It is time that they grew some balls and did what was necessary to show they can one day govern again. If the last two weeks are anything to go by, we will have a National-led government (no matter how incompetent it may become) for a long time. Phil needs to quit, or the gutless wonders of the Labour caucus need to push him now.

To just sit back and lose the election, saying “Phil can take the bullet for this in the 2011 election” is a cop-out of the biggest kind.

It would appear that despite trying to say they are all united behind Phil Goff they aren’t. What they are really united about is losing the election and letting Phil take the fall for it. In a way this is more ruthless than a coup because Phil will forever be remembered as the Labour leader that lead Labour to an embarrassing defeat rather than a Labour Minister who served the Labour party for over 30 years. His legacy will be to be known as Phil “the fill-in” Goff who was destined to lose from the beginning.


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  • joseph

    Billy English at least never gave up the fight. Trevor Mallard would put up a fight –
    Since Labour have already lost the election i can see the greens coming home in front of Labour – if they do does that mean the Greens get the front benches and Labour are moved across?

  • thor42

    It’s possible that the Nats may even *increase* their majority in this election – something that hasn’t happened for ages
    ( I think Lange and co managed it in 1987, iirc…. )

  • reid

    This shows the quality of people in Liarbore’s caucus. No-one, not Mallard, Parker or Cunliffe want to sacrifice themselves for the good of their own party in which they proclaim themselves and people look to them as, leading lights.

    This is appalling, but not unexpected, from these venal characters. Parker has the excuse he’s not really a leader, he’s a great No. 2. Mallard has a kind of excuse in his injury but he would be the perfect choice and for him not to step up disappoints me, for I’ve always had a lot of time, for him. I don’t preclude him to do so, before the election, but now was the time, if ever.

    Cunliffe is of course a Silent-T so what else precisely would one ever expect but for him to do precisely what he did, right down to the false vigorous nodding and smiling.

  • Reid, I don’t see it as a sacrifice. Anyone who takes over now will definitely not get rolled following the all-but guaranteed thrashing that is coming in November. Let’s face it, Mallard could potentially be their Tony Abbott. Not in 2011, but come 2014 who knows?

    If any one of those proposed as Goofy’s successors had any brains, they’d realise that now is the time to roll him. The smart money would be roll Goofy now, then go around and tap some of the deadwood on the shoulder. ‘Time to retire. Make way for some new blood. Good of the party’ and all that. They must know, based on current polling (which is surely only going to get worse) who from the current mob would be in after the election. Tap them on the shoulder now, and get fresh faces in there in 2011. Get the shit together and start actually being an opposition in the 2011-2013 time period, then spend 2013 and 2014 showing yourself as a viable alternative government.

    Let’s face it, John Key is a useless, wet liberal and his Cabinet are, for the most part, useless wet liberals. They excel only in smiling, waving, and making life worse for New Zealanders. The only reason they’re so popular is because there is no opposition. A half-decent opposition in 2014 would have a very good chance of rolling Key. Liarbore going into the 2014 election with retirements, to start the rebuild thereafter, only puts them back 3 years. Much better to roll Goofy now, clear out the deadwood in November (lord knows there’s enough to clear out), and rebuild ready for a decent attack in 2014.

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