Help keep the No sign alive

Fundraising is progressing well, help us win the NO sign so we can shove it in Winston’s face repeatedly during the campaign.

Winston?s original?NO sign is up for auction by the press gallery tonight, with the proceeds going to the families of CTV and Press employees killed in the earthquake.

Thanks to the 58 people who have already pledged a contribution towards our bid to win the NO sign. I?m pleased to report we have now raised enough money to outbid the Prime Minister who said he would bid $5,000. Superb.

However there may be other bidders.?Winston has said he will not bid for the sign, but as we know with Winston ?NO? means ?YES?. I?ve heard a rumour that the?Spencer Trust may bid for the sign, and if they win the auction, then the sign will be burnt to ashes quicker than Helen Clark?s forged painting was!

So please keep those contributions coming. The more we get, the more likely it is we will win ? plus the more money gets raised for families of those who died in Christchurch. It?s a win-win.

As I originally said, if the framed sign is won by Whale and me, we will ensure it turns up to as many of Winston?s meetings as possible. It will be wonderful. We?ll just have someone silently holding it up at the wave back of the room ? no need to heckle or interject ? it will be a silent reminder to people ?about how he lied to the media and the public repeatedly.

After the election, our intention is to then permanently loan it to the Backbencher pub opposite Parliament, where it can be displayed permanently ? along with a statement providing context for it.

Pledges can be?e-mailed to me. We?ll supply payment details tomorrow, if we actually win it.